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How Do We Reduce the Cybersecurity Gap?
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When you take the time to look at the many different ways a cyber criminal can attack a system, it may seem like it’s impossible to stop them from doing so. Even if you have a solid proactive IT management strategy and spend a significant amount of your budget on IT security services, chances are there will still be some gaps. These gaps may not be completely evident to you, but you can guarantee a cyber criminal will find them. So what can you do as a business executive to reduce these cybersecurity gaps? Here are some simple, yet effective, tips to consider.

Recognize Shortcomings And React Proactively

One of the best ways to recognize shortcomings from a cybersecurity perspective is to always be aware. If you notice your anti-virus software is outdated, take immediate action to update it. Also, if you notice staff members not taking cybersecurity issues seriously, it may be time to hold a training session right away. Both of these examples are situations in which clear gaps are present in your cybersecurity protocols. A proactive IT management strategy may involve enhancing your IT security services and having an expert educate employees on best practices.

Strengthen All IT Security Services

An IT staff has to be on the same page at all times in order to create the strongest barrier to cyber criminals. For many small and midsize businesses, this is difficult since you may not have the resources to hire an experienced staff, and it’s too much for just a single person to handle. Many IT security services will also help protect your network to begin with. They can identify any weaknesses in your protection and offer solutions to strengthen your IT security services to eliminate as many gaps as possible.

Educate And Train Employees

A major cybersecurity gap that plagues every organization is the lack of training and education for employees. When employees aren’t aware of the potential damages that can occur with a cyber attack, they won’t be conscious about the attachments they click on or the websites they visit. And the worst part about it is your IT security services can’t protect you from a negligent employee, so it’s critical to go out of your way to ensure they get the proper training and education.

Single Point of Contact constantly looks for ways to reduce and eliminate gaps when it comes to cybersecurity. Cyber criminals don’t need a very large hole to completely take over a network, and it’s our goal to patch up those holes for business owners. It starts with having a proactive IT management and security strategy, so contact us today to see how we can help you develop a strategy and prevent major attacks from occurring in your organization.

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