How Can Office 365 Benefit My Business?

If you’re currently in the market for cloud business solutions, you may have heard of Office 365. Now is the time to consider implementing it into your office workflow. It’s true Office 365 offers much of the same much loved features you will find in older versions of the Microsoft Office suite. However, Office 365 also offers a number of new additions that may appeal to your business and its needs. Let us give you a preview.

Distributing All Necessary Software Is Simpler Than Ever Before

How often have you had software issues among your office staff members? It often seems like no one has the same copy of a specific program, which can lead to workflow conflicts and struggles to get everyone on the same, right track. Office 365’s programming is uniform, meaning everyone will receive identical copies that will work perfectly with one another. Updates will also automatically stay in sync.

Your Data Remains 100 Percent Safe

Should you choose Office 365 for your online cloud storage, you will have peace of mind. You will possess complete control over who can view and edit your data, as well as what happens to it. In the event of a technological catastrophe, you will be able to salvage your data from the cloud onto your new system and carry on as normal. This is more than can be said for up to one quarter of small businesses that often have to shut down in the event of data loss. With Office 365, you won’t have to be another statistic.

Bigger and Better Storage

This goes not only for your data, but for your email inbox. When you sign up with Office 365, you’ll be granted 50 GB worth of storage for your email, meaning you won’t have to fret about letting your emails grow too high in volume. You can save as many messages as you like, all in one convenient space.

Portability and Flexibility

Office 365 is accessible from any device and from any location, as long as you’re able to use the Internet where you are. You have the ability to log into Office 365, no mater where you are, meaning you can pick up work easily, quickly and efficiently. No longer will you have to worry about maintaining productivity outside of the office!

Steady and Affordable Expenses

Perhaps the best feature of Office 365 is its cost. You pay for this form of customized cloud business solutions only once every month and can adjust how much you pay based on the number of people using the Office 365 suite. This will help the company budget by allowing you to downsize and upgrade as your needs allow.

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