How Can Cloud Services by White Label MSPs Ensure Business Continuity and Maximum Uptime?

Imagine your IT business in the following situation – your company has suddenly received a project with a very substantial scope that you expect will run for quite a few years. You also anticipate that the project will need a reliable IT infrastructure that guarantees maximum client uptime.

Would you depend only on high-quality hardware-based systems? If yes, then you’ve probably doomed your project’s continuation.

Uh…What? How?

The problem does not lie in depending on quality IT hardware; it lies in solely depending on it. In an era where multiple variables and their combinations can result in operational downtime, your IT team must explore ways to reduce downtime to a minimum and mitigate the associated risks.

Cloud services offered by white label MSPs are a prime alternative to traditional IT solutions. With high availability as the central value offered, cloud solutions prove to be the bridge between the client’s service demands and your IT business’s capabilities.

Key Approaches Involved

As per recent market research, IT businesses with physical data centers have experienced 51 percent more security incidents than organizations utilizing cloud services for their operations.

Even though zero downtime isn’t entirely possible, with the right cloud solutions, your clients and your IT team can experience minimum service interruptions and maximum efficiency.

Here are a few critical principles of cloud services that make it happen:

  1. Doing away with single points of failure – Dependable cloud solutions incorporate system redundancy so that the failure of one system doesn’t bring down the network and remains an isolated incident to be remediated.
  2. Failover in redundancy systems – Despite the best measures in place, redundancy systems can also fail. That’s why robust failover systems must be implemented to transfer control in the event of a redundant system failure.
  3. Orchestration – A cloud system can only be regarded as comprehensive if it can route network traffic through processing and storage clusters flawlessly so that performance levels are maintained and your users experience little to no downtime in case of a failure.

Why Should You Focus So Much on Business Continuity?

The impact of downtime takes different forms for IT businesses, and growing small IT firms are often incapable of handling the repercussions of such a situation.

  • Financial loss is the most visible outcome if your IT systems experience an outage. The loss increases exponentially the longer it takes to fix the issue.
  • Frequent network service disruptions can severely damage your IT organization’s brand reputation. You simply cannot afford that if you want to grow and expand.
  • Maintaining the highest possible uptime and business continuity also keeps your client data secure. Without service disruptions, threat actors have little room to sabotage your operations.

The Way Forward

Many factors need to be considered, such as your business requirements, future scalability, RTO and RPO, etc., before choosing a cloud platform for your service availability needs. Therefore, it’s advised that you seek the help of a white label managed IT firm’s experts who can guide you in ensuring your clients’ minimum downtime and maximum profitability.

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