How a White Label SOC Can Keep Your Clients Compliant

Compliance regulations are rarely seen as something wonderful. They are often misinterpreted as an imposed obligation on IT businesses, causing inconvenience and extraneous expenses. However, making your IT firm conform to compliance rules results in several benefits like protection from data breaches, regulatory fines, reputational damage, etc.

A white label SOC firm can help keep your IT company compliant with all the necessary regulations and, in turn, keep your clients compliant.

In this article, we’ll see how a white label SOC firm can make that possible. But before that, let us know what cybersecurity compliance is.

A Brief Introduction to Cybersecurity Compliance

In simple terms, it is an organizational risk management method aligned with pre-defined security measures laid out by governing authorities to ensure that data security is maintained.

IT organizations must implement a systematic risk management approach by adhering to regulatory laws to meet data protection and management benchmarks.

Where Does a White Label SOC Come in?

Modernizing technological advancements mean that any IT organization is at risk of becoming a target of a cyber-attack. Now, for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), this poses a serious problem. Since they often have insufficient resources to deal with sophisticated cyber threats, they need someone to provide them with comprehensive and compliant cybersecurity.

A white label SOC firm offers just that. Mentioned here are the top ways that your white label SOC partner ensures compliance for your business network:

  • Risk assessment and analysis – Industry standards and regulations encourage IT firms to take a risk-based approach. White label SOC firms first identify the data assets, assess where high-risk data is stored, analyze the potential risk that those assets pose and implement a cybersecurity framework that follows compliance laws and safeguards your IT business’s network.
  • Policy formulation as per industry standard – Documentation of all compliance-related activities is the foundation of a robust cybersecurity infrastructure. Your white label SOC partner will create well-defined procedures for your IT firm so that your IT specialists and compliance officers are all on the same page.

This eliminates the chance of any misinterpretation. It also eliminates the need for your clients to research your IT company’s security standards.

  • Constant monitoring and prompt threat response – All compliance regulations aim to combat the evolving cybersecurity threats emerging daily. Since cybercriminals are continuously reworking their attack strategies, not adhering to the latest compliance laws may leave your network vulnerable to malicious actors.

A white label SOC firm monitors your IT organization’s network 24-7 in accordance with compliance regulations and proactively prevents data breaches attempted using novel attack strategies.

Avoid Regulatory Fines and Data Leaks

Everything will be smooth till your IT network is uncompromised. If it is (and there is a high chance of that happening considering the rise in cyber-attacks), a mountain of legal hurdles and regulatory fines will fall on your IT business. To avoid that situation, work with an experienced white label SOC firm to ensure regulatory compliance.

Single Point of Contact is a White Label Managed Security Service Provider that provides a wide range of cybersecurity technologies and services. Our job is to keep your clients’ networks safe and secure by resolving potential security threats. With regular security monitoring and protection against cyber-attacks, we seek to help your clients attain peace of mind. Contact us today to discover more about how we can help protect your network from cyber-attacks.

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