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How a White Label Partner Can Help You Build an MSP Side Hustle

Building an MSP can be inexpensive. Some IT firms start off as a break/fix model and then transition to an MSP. Aside from having the technical skills to deliver tech support, you don’t need much capital, tools are required to take hardware apart, cables, software and a computer to start up an IT service firm.

However, many of you work a FT position and dream about starting your own business. How can you start your business without jeopardizing your full time job that pays the bills and puts food on the table. Before I answer that question, there are some important questions you must first answer. In this series, we will publish several blogs and videos to answer the following questions.

How am I going to land my first client? How am I going to market myself? Can I sell? How will I scale? Can I persuade a business to trust me? Do I need a website or collateral? Should I hire a PT tech? A white label IT partner can help in many of these areas, but I will first explain the path to landing your first client and how a white label managed IT service provider can help.


Lets first address some important question that have not been asked. Who will trust you? Who finds you credible and is familiar with your work ethic? Answer those questions and you will find your first client. It could be a friend, family member or a former colleague. Take inventory of who you know, reach out to them, and start building rapport. If you approach a complete stranger, they will ask for references…why? They don’t know you; how can they hand you the keys to the kingdom? The IT business model is built on trust, your clients need to trust you. Strangers have no idea if they can trust you.

I’m going to use the CEO of my MSSP on how he landed his first client. He had worked at several startups and a few large corporations prior to starting Single Point of Contact. He provided excellent tech support, was credible, knowledgeable, and above all, he had excellent customer service skills. He built a large network of executives he had worked with over his career. While working his full-time job as a network engineer, he landed his first client back in 1997 which was a small startup. They needed a warm body to sit in the office and resolve computer and network issues. Back in the day, break/fix was the popular choice, the proactive MSP model had not taken off. His clients trusted him, he provided skilled techs onsite, everyone was happy. The only reason he closed his first deal was because he had worked with the CFO at a previous firm.


Fast forward to today, we transitioned to an MSP in 2004 and have not looked back.

How does a 1 or 2 man deliver a proactive MSP model, or a 24×7 SOC or help desk? How can you scale? This is where a white label managed IT service provider can help you scale and sell the MSP model.

It takes a specific tech stack and skill set to implement a proactive model. Most White Label Managed IT Services have an entire tech stack in place, plus the team to deploy and configure the technology.


I can only speak for Single Point of Contacts sales staff, but they understand the MSP model and will help IT firms present, pitch, create a proposal and close the opportunity. They have a proven sales process that will position your firm as the ideal fit.

DO NOT leave money on the table, you can easily delegate all your work to a white label partner who will do all the tech support 24×7, you just need to manage the client and collect funds.

In our next several blogs, we will discuss how a white label partner can help with; a marketing strategy, messaging, scaling, implement a sales process, collateral, etc.


Single Point of Contact is one of the largest comprehensive White Label Managed IT Service Providers in North America. Founded in 1999, we have a proactive approach to information technology (IT) solutions and security services, which gives our clients the freedom to focus on their business instead of worrying about their clients’ networks. We’re qualified to assist with all phases of IT management, security, cloud solutions, procurement services, and complex projects. To learn more about how our services can benefit your IT organization, don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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