Case Study

How a VAR Delivered a 24×7 SOC  With The Help of a White Label Security Service Partner


In the rapidly evolving landscape of cybersecurity, the collaboration between a Value-Added Reseller (VAR) and a White Label Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP) has emerged as a strategic solution to offer comprehensive Security Operations Center (SOC) services. This case study delves into the partnership between an east coast VAR, a reputable technology solutions provider, and Single Point of Contact, a leading white label cybersecurity service provider. The study highlights the challenges faced by organizations in managing complex security threats, the rationale behind the collaboration, the implementation process, and the resultant benefits for clients seeking advanced SOC capabilities.


With the escalating frequency and sophistication of cyber threats, businesses of all sizes have realized the imperative need for robust cybersecurity measures. Establishing an in-house Security Operations Center (SOC) entails substantial investments in terms of technology, personnel, and ongoing training. This is where the collaboration between a VAR and a white label MSSP proves beneficial. The VAR recognized this market demand and partnered with Single Point of Contact to deliver turnkey SOC solutions to their clients, thereby providing a cost-effective and expertly managed security operations center.


Prior to the partnership, the VAR noted several key challenges faced by their clients:

Customization and Integration

  • Resource Constraints: Many organizations lacked the resources and expertise to operate an efficient SOC, leading to delayed threat detection and response times.
  • Complex Threat Landscape: The evolving nature of cyber threats required constant monitoring and adaptation, which was difficult for organizations to manage on their own.
  • Budget Constraints: Establishing an in-house SOC was financially daunting for smaller enterprises, often leading to compromised security postures.

Partnership Rationale

Recognizing these challenges, the VAR explored potential collaborations with established Private Label Managed Security Service Providers to enhance their service portfolio. Single Point of Contact, known for its white label security services, was a natural fit due to their reputation for delivering comprehensive cybersecurity services that could be seamlessly integrated into the VAR’s existing offerings. The partnership allowed the VAR to leverage Single Point of Contact’s expertise, infrastructure, and skilled personnel to deliver SOC services to their clients without the burden of building and maintaining a SOC from scratch.


The implementation of the partnership and the provision of SOC services followed a systematic approach:
  • Needs Assessment: The VAR conducted a thorough assessment of their clients’ security needs and risk profiles. This assessment formed the foundation for tailoring SOC solutions to each client’s specific requirements.
  • Collaborative Planning: The VAR and Single Point of Contact collaborated closely to outline the scope of services, key performance indicators (KPIs), and the integration process. This ensured alignment of goals and expectations from the outset.
  • Technology Integration: Single Point of Contact provided access to its advanced security technologies, including intrusion detection systems, SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) platforms, threat intelligence feeds, and incident response tools. Integration with the VAR’s existing technology stack was seamless, allowing for a consistent user experience.
  • Process Integration: Single Point of Contact shared its established processes for threat detection, incident response, and reporting. These processes were adapted to suit the VAR’s branding and client engagement practices.
  • Personnel Training: The VAR’s personnel underwent training sessions conducted by Single Point of Contact’s experts to ensure a deep understanding of the SOC’s operations, alert handling, and response protocols.
  • Client Onboarding: As clients opted for the SOC service, the VAR managed the onboarding process, providing a single point of contact for communication. Single Point of Contact’s SOC analysts seamlessly extended their expertise to monitor and defend the clients’ digital assets.

Benefits and Outcomes

The partnership between the VAR and Single Point of Contact’s white label SOC services yielded substantial benefits for both the partners and their clients:
  • Enhanced Security Posture: Clients now enjoyed a heightened security posture with round-the-clock monitoring, rapid threat detection, and effective incident response, all managed by experts.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: By leveraging Single Point of Contact’s established SOC infrastructure, the VAR’s saved significant costs associated with building and maintaining an in-house SOC.
  • Focus on Core Competencies: With SOC operations outsourced, clients and the VAR alike could focus on their core business functions, leaving cybersecurity to the experts.
  • Flexibility and Scalability: The partnership allowed the VAR to easily scale up the SOC services to accommodate new clients and evolving security needs.
  • Reputation Enhancement: The comprehensive white label SOC services added a competitive edge to the VAR’s offerings, boosting their reputation as a one-stop solution provider.
  • Continuous Improvement: Regular collaboration between the VAR and Single Point of Contact ensured that the SOC services remained aligned with the latest threat landscape and industry best practices.


The partnership between the VAR and Single Point of Contact exemplifies the potential of collaborations between VARs and white label Managed IT Security Service Providers to address complex cybersecurity challenges. By pooling resources, expertise, and technologies, the partners were able to offer clients robust and expertly managed SOC services, effectively fortifying their digital assets against evolving cyber threats. This case study underscores the advantages of such collaborations in the ever-changing cybersecurity landscape and serves as a blueprint for other technology providers seeking to enhance their service portfolios.


Single Point of Contact is a White Label Managed Security Service Provider that provides a wide range of cybersecurity technologies and services. Our job is to keep our IT partners’ clients’ networks safe and secure by responding to potential security threats within minutes. With regular security monitoring and protection against cyber-attacks, we seek to help our IT partners clients attain peace of mind. Contact us today to discover more about how we can help protect your client’s network from cyber-attacks.

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