How a Security Audit Will Reap Security Rewards

Anyone who owns a business should know and understand the importance of a security audit. If an IT disaster occurs, you could be putting your confidential information at risk. Even worse, your clients’ information could be compromised as well. Sometimes companies are able to recover after taking a financial hit, but others aren’t quite as lucky.

A security audit can bring light to any gaps or problems you have in your IT security. The problem many companies face is not having a large enough IT staff to be able to run regular security audits. That’s where managed security services enter the picture. They can help put together different metrics and recommendations for businesses based on their audit so you can better protect your network and company as a whole.

Benefits of Obtaining Security Metrics

When you use IT security services to run security audits, you’ll generally be provided with a report of different metrics. These metrics may indicate vulnerabilities, risks and even what is working well. It’s especially important to run a security audit if you only have in-house IT personnel keeping up with your IT security services. The metrics from the audit will indicate how effective your security is and help you identify areas where you can improve. If you use a managed service provider, they will likely make recommendations to you and help you through any potential issues.

Software Will Remain Up-To-Date With Security Audits

It doesn’t do any good to have antivirus software and other IT security software if it isn’t up to date. Hackers and cyber criminals will take advantage of outdated software quickly. One of the benefits of running a security audit is any outdated software will be identified. This is why most companies prefer using a managed security service provider to help them take care of the updates. Since updates occur so frequently, even a monthly audit may be too late to catch a potential issue.

Actions To Take Following A Security Audit

When you conduct a security audit and get a list of metrics to analyze, you need to take action on them immediately. Not taking swift action could result in compliance issues later on, or worse, a data breach in the meantime. Depending on the results of your audit, the actions you have to take may be extensive. However, sometimes the best thing you can do is have your managed service provider take care of all the issues for you so you don’t have to spend the time or resources to do it in-house.

Single Point of Contact works around the clock to ensure your business is protected from potential IT security issues. Not only can we help by conducting regular security audits, but we can also provide you with the metrics you need for your business and help you take action on them. Be sure to contact us at any time to see how our services can help protect your business.

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