How a Data Breach Has Changed Over the Years

When upper management at a small or midsize business hears about a data breach to a large corporation, they sometimes think a cyber criminal will never want to attack their company. However, cyber criminals don’t discriminate and most of the time will actually look for easier targets. A data breach can be just as devastating today as it was several years ago, but the nature of the breach has evolved. Nowadays it’s almost a matter of when your company will get attacked, rather than if it will get attacked. As data breaches have evolved, so has the need for enhanced IT security services. Here are some of the changes we must make in terms of how we think about a data breach.

Never Consider Your Confidential Information Safe

Even when you have the best IT security services in place, you can’t consider your confidential information safe. Cyber criminals have become so sophisticated over the years that you have to expect them to gain access into your network somehow. This stresses the importance of having a disaster recovery plan in place to minimize damage as much as possible. A disaster recovery plan may not have been as essential several years ago, as long as you had proper security protocols, but now it’s a basic part of business security.

All Parties Should Be Held Accountable For Cybersecurity

It takes a collective effort from all parties to have the proper IT security solution. This ranges from the managed security service provider to upper management, your employees and even your customers to an extent. Everyone must hold each other accountable in order to strengthen cybersecurity practices as much as possible in order to prevent a data breach. At the very least, this collective effort may minimize the damage done in the event of a data breach by holding each other accountable and always working together.

In-House IT Staffs Aren’t Enough

There are many reasons why businesses are opting to work with a managed security service provider rather than solely relying on an in-house IT staff. The complexities of cybersecurity have become so intense over the years that an in-house staff often doesn’t have the tools, experience or background to be able to keep up. This wasn’t the case several years ago, so companies have had to adopt accordingly and rely more on a managed security service provider to work in conjunction with their in-house staff to provide the best possible IT security services.

Single Point of Contact takes nothing for granted when it comes to IT security. While we are extremely confident in the services we offer, we also leave no stone unturned. We always evaluate the needs of our customers to ensure all bases are covered from a security standpoint. Data breaches have evolved significantly over the years and we expect them to only continue evolving. We are here to help you stay on top of these trends, so contact us today to see how our services can benefit you.

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