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HIPAA Audit Preparation Checklist

Preparing for a HIPAA audit isn’t as difficult as it sounds. The main thing to remember and practice is to always have your documents and files organized so you can present them upon request. Being diligent with your IT security services is also a great way to survive and prepare for a HIPAA audit. Not doing these simple things could lead to a nightmare when your audit comes. Here is a quick preparation checklist to help you have the best possible experience if you have to go through a HIPAA audit.

Keep Documents and Files Organized

Having all documents and files organized and readily available will not only make the audit go quicker, but it will also help you avoid potential penalties. Even giving the appearance of being organized can help your case, since the auditor will be able to identify your diligent effort in being organized.

Audit Your Organization Within

Doing your own audit in your organization frequently can help you identify any issues you have with your IT security services before a HIPAA audit comes. Utilize your managed security services providers to help you out with the audit and point out any of your findings to them. This will help you develop a proactive IT management strategy and better prepare you for your actual audit.

Have Your Policies and Procedures Ready to Present

One common component of a HIPAA audit is having to present your policies and procedures to the auditor. Have these documents stored in an easily accessible location electronically or even printed out and placed in a safe location. Sometimes it’s not even enough to have the policies and procedures handy. You also have to show how you enforce them. This could be by proving you train your employees on a regular basis, or by demonstrating exactly what actions you’ve had to take in the past if an employee didn’t follow a certain procedure.

Show Risk Management Tests and Results

Risk management testing is critical for medical organizations. With so much confidential information, you have to be able to know what areas of your IT security services are at risk. Again, this is where you may have to rely on your managed security services providers, so you can ensure the testing is done and the results are stored safely. And when you do your risk management testing, be sure to take swift action on fixing any potential problems.

Single Point of Contact wants to help organizations develop a proactive IT management strategy to make a HIPAA audit go as smoothly as possible. We know all the ins-and-outs of a HIPAA audit, so our experience and expertise is valuable for organizations of any size. Be sure to contact us for more information about preparing for a HIPAA audit or to learn more about the services we offer.

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