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Hackers Are At It Again, Phishing for Information

Thousands of businesses and individuals fall victim to cyber attacks every year. The one thing most victims have in common is thinking they would never be targeted by hackers. The reality is hackers don’t care if your company is large or small or if you’re just an individual with not much money in your bank account. They will take anything they can get so they cast their nets far and wide. Without a complete managed IT support service, your company could be at risk of losing everything.

Who Are Hackers?

Hackers who phish for information could be experts who have been committing crimes like this for years or they could be college students who just found out how to write malicious codes online. Either type of person is dangerous, and you never know when your business will be the target of an attack. With a managed service provider, you can rest a little easier knowing your vulnerabilities are safe and your security software is always up-to-date.

Types of People and Companies Targeted by Hackers

Hackers can target companies of any size or individuals. In fact, sometimes smaller companies get targeted the most since many of them don’t have the best cyber security measures in place. This makes it easier for hackers to phish for information and get what they want. A lot of times, the cyber criminal doesn’t want to break in and get a significant chunk of money or information, although they’ll gladly take it if your IT security services aren’t great. Even taking a small amount from you is good enough for them because there are plenty of other businesses to hack.

Protecting Yourself Against Hacking and Phishing

Educating your employees is the number one way to protect your business from phishing and hacking. Sometimes all it takes is someone clicking a link in a suspicious email to put your confidential information at risk. Hackers are good at making websites look like legitimate companies so it’s easy to make the mistake of following prompts to give money or information. Always check the URL and make sure the identity of the website is verified before giving out any information.

At Single Point of Contact, we offer a complete managed IT support service to protect you from hackers and phishing. Contact us to see how we can help you.

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