Guide to Moving Beyond Perimeter Security

Perimeter security has been around for several years, and it hasn’t really changed much in the big picture. Security measures like anti-virus software, firewalls and intrusion detection systems still need to be utilized today, but they shouldn’t be the only tools protecting your organization.

Moving beyond perimeter security is a fairly new concept for organizations, but it’s necessary to implement. There are many different IT security services companies can use to protect their organization outside of just perimeter security. Here are some key points about this issue.

Firewalls Aren’t Enough

Firewalls are still necessary today, but they shouldn’t be the only thing you rely on. You could compare a firewall to putting up a fence around your home. It provides a certain level of protection, but if an intruder really wants to get through it, they will find a way. What you could implement in addition to a firewall is a secure IT server management program to identify when the firewall and other protection mechanisms have been compromised. Knowing what your current IT security services are will help you determine how much you need to go beyond just perimeter security.

Encryption is a Great Start

Encrypting files is one of the first things a company does when thinking outside of perimeter security. If a potential hacker were to break through the firewall, they still won’t be able to access the files and confidential information if they are encrypted. To take the protection a step further, you could hire a third-party company to provide 24/7 security support to combat any cyber criminals who get through the firewall right away.

Protect From The Inside Out

Perimeter security is still necessary, but it’s no longer feasible as the only protection method. Any IT security services company today will suggest protecting your organization from the inside out, rather than from the outside in. This simply means you need to focus more on protecting your individual files in the event your network does get compromised, rather than just hoping your perimeter security holds up.

Single Point of Contact offers 24/7 security and network support to all of its clients to ensure they are protected, even if the perimeter security fails. We understand the importance of perimeter security, and still see value in it. However, contact us today to learn more about protection beyond perimeter security and how to keep your company safer.

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