Generating Leads in a Competitive World

What does every business need to build a sustainable model…LEADS, but what is the magic sauce to duplicate those marketing efforts? I am approached weekly by marketing firms professing their willingness to generate leads. First question, what is a lead? A lead to me is the following…a C or VP level executive is interested in meeting with me.

They have shared their email and phone number so we can schedule a call. That to me ladies and gentlemen is a lead…TO ME. If you define a lead differently, no worries, we all have different opinions. Generating leads for an MSP is a HUGE challenge, but my team and I created a formula that has exceeded our expectations. First, let me share a bit about my competition.

My firm competes with over 20,000 MSPs in the US, it’s safe to say, the market is saturated with my service offering. An attempt at creating differentiators can be daunting. One thing my firm does differently…we invest heavily in organic SEO, PPC, and digital marketing. 99% of my competition relies on word of mouth and if you plan to grow, that is NOT a sound strategy. The 1% that does online marketing don’t do a great job, but others…in my humble opinion…eh, just ok.


A member from a networking group brought up a topic I thought I should share. He is utilizing 30-40 marketing channels. I almost fell off my chair, what am I missing, is there a new innovative way to generate leads? I came to this conclusion. When thinking about which new channel(s) to prioritize, reverse engineer who your customer is and pick a channel based on where their interests take them. Always test before you lean in and continue to keep an eye on your metrics as you measure efforts. If you cannot measure your success, you cannot manage your strategy.

I’m a B2B, so my audience is on Google, researching services/products. This is the main reason we continue to invest in SEO, PPC, and digital marketing.

Is PPC or organic SEO a fit for your firm? It’s easy to answer that question. Google provides amazing tools to determine how many times someone searches for “IT Support, Accounting Services, Criminal Attorney”, you get the gist. There are plenty of tools at your fingertips and this is not just for IT firms, this powerful marketing platform can get your business on the map at a very fast pace.


If you plan to embark on a digital strategy, reach out to me if you would like feedback, guidance or input on your marketing strategy. You can email me at This is not a sales pitch, there is no obligation, this is my way to give back and help others.

Stay safe and healthy.

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