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For Businesses, Compliant Doesn’t Equal Secure

Many businesses make the mistake of thinking compliance equals security. In reality, compliance standards are simply universal guidelines for all businesses and don’t take security into consideration. Since all business environments are unique, they are also all open to attacks by potential hackers. Being compliant only provides a company with a limited level of security. After that, it’s up to the individual business to find a managed IT solution to better protect their network. Here are some ways companies achieve security.

Check for Vulnerabilities

If you don’t know where vulnerabilities are within your organization’s network, you have no way of providing security for them. Most IT support for small businesses will include vulnerability scans. Once they are identified, it’s important to address them in a timely manner. It doesn’t take long for a hacker to find an opening and potentially compromise all of your data and confidential information. Scanning for vulnerabilities on a regular basis will better protect your business.

Don’t Forget About Mobile Devices

Even though a lot of modern business is conducted over mobile devices, this doesn’t mean it is the safest method. Mobile devices don’t have firewalls installed like a regular network does so it’s automatically open to risk. As a result, many IT consulting services will recommend not doing any business like taking credit card information over mobile devices unless it is completely secure. In the meantime, it may be time to rewrite your company’s security policies to ensure employees have password-protected devices and always conduct business over a secure encrypted network connection.

Never Assume Your Business Is Secure

Achieving compliance is a great start to ensuring the security of your business, but it’s not good enough alone. With all the unique infrastructures adopted by businesses today, yours could be either extremely vulnerable or quite secure. There’s not a universal security program IT consulting services can recommend. Many times it requires an analysis of your network, programs and the type of business you conduct to ensure compliance and the best level of security. It’s up to the business owner to protect valuable company and customer information so security and compliance should not be confused with each other.

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