Five Ways Network Security Can Prevent Ransomware Infections

There aren’t many things more devastating than having your network infected by ransomware. Depending on the severity of the attack, you may have to halt business for a few hours, days or even weeks. But if you have a good online backup and recovery service as part of your network security, then you can lessen the blow significantly. Here are five ways network security can prevent these ransomware infections from occurring in the first place.

Stronger Firewalls

Having a strong firewall is one of the most basic IT security services you can have. A firewall makes it difficult for cyber attackers to enter your network to begin with, much less compromise any specific files.

Data Encryption

Encrypting all of your data is something every company needs to do. And if you utilize an online backup and recovery service, be sure to encrypt the files that are backed up as well. Cyber criminals will go to great measures to compromise any and all data they can, but when you keep your files encrypted, they won’t be able to access them even if they are able to get past the firewall.

Backup All Data and Files

You should always backup your files and data on either an external hard drive or other device. If your network does experiences a ransomware attack, you won’t have to halt business completely since you can still access the files. An online backup and recovery service is vital to protect any business and could prevent a major disaster.

Update Security Software

Having strong network security practices won’t be as effective if you don’t constantly update the security software. Cyber criminals know how to find holes in security software, which is why there are constantly updates you need to install. If your company doesn’t keep up with the updates enough, consider using a remote IT managed service to ensure your software is always current.

Use an IT Security Service

There’s no such thing as having too much protection when it comes to network security for any business. When you use a managed security service provider, you’ll have 24/7 protection, even when your in-house IT staff is off the clock. The best part about these managed security services is you could experience a cyber attack overnight, and the issue is fixed by the time you get to the office in the morning.

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