Five Reasons to Convince Small Businesses to Get Managed SOC Services

End-to-end security to protect business-critical functions is the demand of every small business. If a company’s staff is always on guard, looking out for security incidents, their business will not prosper. And small companies generally do not possess a large pool of employees.

So, if they should not put their employees on IT security duty, who will take care of the most important part of a business?

Managed SOC (security operations center) services provide much-needed relief to a company’s leadership by taking over the entire responsibility of their IT architecture’s security.

Hesitant About Outsourcing Your IT Security?

“If you spend more time on coffee than on IT security, you will be hacked.” – Richard Clarke

For a small business, being hacked can be catastrophic. The cascading losses from successful cyber-attacks force many businesses to shut down.

Managed SOC services can help prevent that situation. Here are some of the advantages of outsourcing your IT security to managed security service providers (MSSPs):

  • Next-generation security – Modern technologies are constantly threatened by advanced and sophisticated cyber-attacks. MSSPs use modern security tools and software to protect their clients and customers from even the most dangerous cyber-attacks.
  • Inexpensive pricing – Outsourcing your IT security proves to be enormously economical. A managed SOC service provider offers its services on predictable monthly plans that small businesses can afford easily.
  • Uninterrupted support – MSSPs ensure that a security team keeps watch over your business network 24-7. This helps detect and fix vulnerabilities that cybercriminals can exploit.
  • Preventive security – An in-house team of security experts patch a security problem when it appears, whereas an MSSP goes ‘threat hunting’, stopping cyber threats from even touching the business network.
  • Security simplified – Dealing with too many alerts, including false ones, may take up too much of a security team’s time. An MSSP streamlines all different IT security profiles to provide comprehensive, effective IT security.

Now that we have seen why businesses should partner up with a managed SOC service provider, let’s see what they will get when they do that.

Characteristic Features of Managed SOC Services

  1. SIEM – Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) is an all-encompassing security technology that identifies, analyzes, and responds to potential security threats on a real-time basis.
  2. Cloud security – MSSPs help protect a business’s cloud infrastructure, which is home to customers’ private data, with advanced security tools.
  3. Endpoint detection and response – This involves shielding the endpoint users’ devices present on a business’s network from cyber threats such as ransomware, malware, phishing attacks, viruses, Trojan horse, etc.
  4. Compliance – A managed SOC services provider helps businesses conform to industry regulations to prevent legal proceedings and boost customer confidence.
  5. Security training – Employees are trained in cybersecurity and made aware by the experts of an MSSP about the measures everyone should implement to prevent any cybersecurity incidents.

These are the reasons and features that advocate strongly on the side of small businesses outsourcing their IT security to a managed SOC service provider.

Single Point of Contact stays on top of everything related to cybersecurity and data protection. We are more than just an IT Service Provider. We have a SOC in place that will take swift and thorough action to ensure your business is protected around the clock and to solve any security threats when they occur. Constant monitoring of any network is a requirement nowadays, and we are pleased to provide the most comprehensive security solution to our clients. To learn more about how we can help protect your business from cyber-attacks, contact us today.

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