Features of White Label Helpdesk Support.

Features of white label helpdesk support.

A white label help desk is IT support in which events and user requests are handled under the customer’s brand. White label help desk services are distinguished by swift integration into your operations and a thorough grasp of trusted apps and IT components to keep users happy and improve your reputation as a dependable IT service provider or product vendor. Choosing a white label help desk is sometimes overwhelming as you have hundreds of options to choose from. Some features and benefits will attract you to select your white label helpdesk support, but one needs to keep in mind their requirement while choosing or going for helpdesk support.
Some of the features that are essential for every help desk support are:

1. Way of contacting
This feature deals with the point of how the customers will contact you. Some prefer to chat, while some prefer phone calls. Helpdesk support allows the clients to get you through phone, email, chat, ticketing portal, SMS and other mediums.

2. A self-service portal
The white label help desk software must contain a feature that integrates various information in one place. You must create a knowledge base that supports a self-service portal with this function, so the client should be able to find information quickly without any other help.

3. Ticketing management
It’s the central system that tracks customer complaints from receipt to resolution by recording and organizing them into tickets. To eliminate duplicate ticket responses, good help desk software displays the ticket status and handles it. Ticketing should also convert emails into tickets in a reasonable amount of time (with a few clicks).

4. Delighted customer experience
Not every help desk is designed to please your clients. Customers are often referred to as ticket numbers, or they are required to register separate logins for support portals to view your responses or make changes to their requests. These solutions may be outstanding from a support standpoint. Still, if using them creates an experience that makes your clients feel uncared for — or adds effort to an already stressful situation — it won’t matter how good your support is.

5. Security features
With all of your customers’ personal information stored in your help desk and a whole team of individuals accessing it, security is critical. Look for a solution that allows you to restrict access to specific sections to only those who require it. A help desk with two-factor authentication will prevent illegal access while login in, in addition to encouraging secure passwords for every team member.

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