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Everything You Need to Know About Microsoft Bookings
Microsoft has recently released a new, upgraded version of their cloud storage tools, known as Office 365. The program suite boasts a number of features meant to help boost office productivity. One such feature is Microsoft Bookings, a tool meant to improve the way they set up business appointments by eliminating much of the common hassle associated with trying to meet with staff members, clients and other associates. Here’s a guide to help you better understand one of Office 365’s most efficient apps.

How Can I Obtain Microsoft Bookings for My Business?

Generally, you’ll get Bookings alongside the rest of Office 365. The main program is accessed via email, meaning you can log into it much like you would your email inbox. Office 365 comes equipped with a launcher, which you can use to pull up Bookings directly. If you don’t see the option, however, you can click a button labeled “Get It Now” to gain immediate access to the program.

All it takes to sign up is choosing the types of appointments you want to make available to your client base, as well as basic company information. If you don’t see this option or get lost in the midst of setting Bookings up for yourself, we offer 24/7 computer support and network services to lend you a hand.

How Does Bookings Work?

Once you have it all set up, Bookings will post a live webpage. You can direct your clientele to this webpage so they can easily set up appointments and other meetings with your company, all with little hassle on your part. Best of all, clients can get their appointments arranged without having to call into your office.

After guiding your clients toward picking the time and service they want, the program will automatically keep them up-to-date via email. The first is sent as a means of confirming the appointment, while the next comes in the form of an optional reminder the appointment is coming soon. Clients also have the option to easily alter their appointment however they need, as well as cancel if they can’t make it anytime soon.

What Else Can Bookings Do?

Bookings serves not just as an appointment scheduler, but as yet another of many backup solutions for small businesses. You’ll gain just as much control over upcoming appointments as your clients have in one large, easily viewable address book. Not only will it tell you what kind of appointment to expect, but it will also provide you with contact information from your customer in case you need to get in touch before or after the appointment. All of this information is easily accessible through the Office 365 app, meaning you can check your appointments and get in touch with clients no matter where you are!
At Single Point of Contact, we can help you take maximum advantage of this service, as well as various other managed IT solutions. To learn more about how we can help you and what Microsoft 365 can do for your business, contact us!

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