Disaster Recovery for the SMB and Enterprise

Today’s business environment requires complete end-to-end data protection, which includes backup, disaster recovery, and always-on infrastructure. In order to deal with increasingly complex IT landscapes, these solutions need to be simple and automated while also offering comprehensive features and capabilities to handle any recovery scenario.

Keep Data Safe 24-7

Our partners DRaaS is a simple solution to extend your disaster recovery operations to the cloud. The combination of industry-leading third party backup software and our partners solution is ISO-27001 certified cloud infrastructure creates a holistic end-to-end solution that ensures partial or full failover from data loss. Secure your data today.

Tailor Your Requirements

Your business requirements are not a “one size fits all” backup strategy. Our team of engineers will consult with your team to understand your unique IT landscape and build a custom solution you can rely on.

Eliminate Risk and Hardware Costs

Our “pay-for-what-you-store” model alleviates your budget from heavy capital hardware costs while simultaneously reducing complexity and increasing scalability with our flexible cloud infrastructure.

Meet Compliance Requirements

Our partners provides compliant options for HIPAA, Sox and PCI deployments with ISO-27001 certified cloud environment. We ensure your data processing achieves even the strictest federal mandates.

The Challenges with Legacy DR

Traditionally, companies have taken a universal approach to a disaster recovery strategy, applying one fail-safe solution to all corporate data. However, IT environments continue to diversify and data continues to grow exponentially at a rapid pace, legacy DR solutions lead to a wide variety of data protection gaps.

Leave 24-7 IT Management to Us

Our dedicated team of support technicians is available 24-7 and will manage the daily backup operations that can be time consuming for your IT department.

Leave the Disaster Recovery Expertise to Us

Developing and implementing a proper disaster recovery solution requires time, and IT expertise. Partnering with Single Point of Contact eliminates the need for in-house experts or resource-intensive recovery initiatives.

Easy Data Seeding

Getting information in and out of the cloud can be complicated based on network bandwidth and data volume. Single Point of Contact provides easy data seeding to safely and securely transfer large backup workloads to our enterprise, production-grade environment and our SLA’s guarantee specific  environments can be restored within 30 minutes.

Customer Service

When it comes to choosing a cloud services provider, every firm is entitled to great support. Our US based IT team is always here to provide excellent customer service and they understand the urgency of retrieving data due to a disaster. We guarantee to start working on these type of issues within minutes. We don’t call in sick, go on vacation or sleep. We are here 24-7.

A Trusted Technology Partner Since 1999

Businesses rely on IT performance, security, and reliability. Without an effective IT plan, your business is at a considerable disadvantage when it comes to competition. The technology consultants at Single Point of Contact have helped hundreds of firms migrate to a cloud platform. Contact us today to learn more about how our team can help your firm select the right DRaaS solution based on your company requirements.