Don’t Let the Risk of Ransomware Get the Better of you

Cybercriminals are more active than ever now. Cybercriminals have used ransomware for extorting their victims in recent years and this criminal practice is not slowing down. They are typically targeting small to medium-sized firms that are based on vast volumes of data or businesses whose data are too important to waste and will pay for it. You can make sure you secure your computer system from ransomware attacks if you run a company that operates with this kind of info.


Ransomware is a malware code that encrypts files and blocks their owners from accessing them. The data is under hostage until a ransom is paid, hence the name of the malware (short for malicious software). The criminals may also threaten to publish confidential data.


  1. Do not recklessly click on any link or open any email attachment. Cyber attackers are searching for insecure entry points to infiltrate ransomware. However, it’s typically victims who are using the connections or the files from unsecured sites to upload and execute the malware without caring.
  2. Look out for phishing. Your email system should already block spam and junk emails and be careful about emails from private correspondents, that might themselves be victims of phishing or other malware. You will also like to know how to avoid phishing emails.
  3. Invest in trustworthy antivirus apps. Periodically scan your system for viruses, be sure to invest in a stable antivirus. Update the OS and the applications constantly to mitigate holes that ransomware might leap into.


There are 4 ways to defend the organization from Ransomware.

  • Orient workers about the malware mechanics and the harm it could do.
  • Safeguard data via the cloud or physical storage via routine backups.
  • Installation in the machine or system of each employee of the program fit to identify and counter such malware.
  • Consumer rights limit.



When you’re locked by Ransomware, the first thing you need to do is never pay the intruder. Ransom payment does not mean that you have full assurance over your lodging. You are made vulnerable to manipulation and potentially further ransomware threats if you have your banking credentials. The best move is to recover your data and directories from their copies or obtain assistance from skilled IT engineers.

It is rightly said, “better safe than sorry”, be sure to have a safe and reliable mechanism at your disposal. Your business might find getting in touch with an MSP is the right decision. Since this will ensure that your business is always safe from any form of malware attack. 


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