Do You Know the Top 5 Cyber Threats Businesses Face Today?

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New cyber threats emerge seemingly every day, yet many businesses don’t prioritize their IT security services enough to fully protect themselves. Ignoring the threats presented by hackers on a daily basis won’t make the problem go away, though. Having knowledge on the most common threats you’ll face as a business executive is the first step in being proactive to prevent them from creating significant damage. Here are the top five cyber threats businesses of all sizes have to face today.


Ransomware has been around for years and has now evolved into ransomworms. The concept hackers use is essentially the same, but the malware now has the capability of spreading across an entire network when it gets into one, which is how it got the name “worm.” Ransomware and ransomworms are big reasons why a disaster recovery plan is critical, since they have the potential of holding all of your data for ransom with very few options.

Spear Phishing

Cyber criminals are becoming more targeted with their attacks, since an unsuspecting user could easily fall into their trap. Spear phishing is when a hacker does research on an organization, including finding out names and roles of employees. So when a user receives an email from a name they work with asking for help, they often don’t think twice about it. Your computer support solution may be able to prevent these spear phishing tactics, but employee awareness is the best preventative measure.

Authentication Attacks

Hackers also still use old-school techniques of stealing a user’s password and getting as much information as they can from various websites. Some of these techniques include using keylogging malware, trying commonly used passwords and other sophisticated hacking tools. The best way to prevent authentication attacks is to implement multi-factor authentication for logins, which will make things much more difficult and time consuming for a hacker.


If you’re in the business of mining cryptocurrency, you need to protect yourself from cryptojackers. These cyber criminals can cause serious problems that a disaster recovery plan may not even be able to help with. They will often slow your computer down to the point where it’s virtually unusable, while they are quickly mining cryptocurrency in the background. There is a computer support solution available if this could potentially impact your business.

Fileless Malware

Fileless malware has become popular recently and will likely continue to be. It’s different from traditional malware, since it loads into your computer’s RAM. It’s a fairly sophisticated technique that requires the right type of IT security services to detect malware outside of registry settings and files.

Single Point of Contact always stays on top of the latest cyber threats facing businesses on a daily basis. As your go-to computer support solution, we always know the best practices for preventing cyber attacks so your business can operate normally. To learn how our comprehensive cyber security solutions can help your business, contact us today.

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