Cybersecurity Predictions for the New Year

Experts in cybersecurity always analyze and evaluate the way hackers operate in order to get ahead of the trends. The year 2018 brought many new trends and threats, which makes experts believe 2019 is going to bring even more challenges. As a business owner, now is the time to get your IT management solutions in order, since many of the cybersecurity predictions for 2019 could impact your organization. In general, having the best IT security services in place will protect your business, but here are some of the cybersecurity predictions you should look for in 2019.

Regulations For Government Social Media Accounts

Social media is more than just a platform to network with friends, family and other individuals. It has quickly exceeded expectations to the point where official announcements are sometimes made through social media before other outlets, and this includes government announcements. In this regard, cybersecurity experts expect there to be a significant increase in how closely government social media accounts are regulated. If a cyber criminal were to hack into an official government social media account or even a government official’s account, we could experience chaos depending on the information that gets falsely distributed.

Attacks on Unique Identification

Many IT security services have taken advantage of unique identification for login methods, such as facial identification, voice identification and even the use of fingerprints. These unique methods have been extremely successful for consumers, and organizations may take a closer look at them in 2019 as well. As secure as this unique identification is, you can guarantee hackers will find a way to compromise the data and use it to their advantage, though. So the role of Managed Security Service Providers in 2019 will be to get ahead of the cybersecurity aspects of unique identification to ensure there are no privacy concerns, among other issues.

Companies Will Embrace Blockchain

The transparency of blockchain became one of the biggest talking points for cybersecurity experts in 2018. A safe prediction for 2019 is more companies will embrace blockchain, especially when it comes to the supply chain. Blockchain is beneficial in this regard, since every step in the supply chain process will be validated, and any attacks on the process can be quickly detected and prevented. With more supply chain attacks happening, blockchain could be an essential cybersecurity strategy for companies in 2019.

Single Point of Contact always thinks proactively when it comes to protecting organizations from cyber attacks. This involves developing a disaster recovery plan as well as analyzing trends to ensure all IT security services are updated and no vulnerabilities are present. There’s never time to relax and be comfortable with cybersecurity due to the constant emerging trends, but we can at least give you some peace of mind when you work with us. Feel free to contact us at any time to learn more about how we can keep your business secure in 2019 and beyond.

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