Upgrade Your Security Strategy

When you need help securing your IT environment — across AWS, VMware®, Microsoft Azure®, Microsoft HyperV® and traditional dedicated environments — turn to our Managed Security Services.


Our Security Operations Center (SOC) is staffed 24-7×365 by best-in-breed. Our certified team offers over 250 years of combined security and IT experience, with more than 15 unique industry certifications. So add Single Point of Contact expertise, led by a technical account manager, to support your security and compliance requirements.


Unlike other managed security service providers, we not only detect a potential breach but also rapidly respond to threats — performing appropriate remediation based on pre-approved actions within minutes. We also provide internal IT teams a path to remediation.


We actively counteract threats using enterprise industry-leading host and network protection, threat intelligence and security analytics, log management, and vulnerability scanning technologies.

A Trusted Technology Partner Since 1999

Single Point of Contact stays on top of everything related to cyber security and data protection. We are more than just a Managed Security Service Provider. We take swift and thorough action to ensure your business is protected around the clock and to solve any security threats when they occur. Constant monitoring of any network is a requirement nowadays, and we are pleased to provide the most comprehensive security solution to our clients. To learn more about how we can help protect your business from cyber-attacks, contact us today.