Upgrade Your Security Strategy

All of our Managed Cloud Security Services utilize our team of cyber security specialists, who leverage our enterprise AI platform to deploy both human insight and machine intelligence against your incoming threats around the clock.

Protect Against Insider and Outsider Threats

Gartner estimates 95% of Cloud-based threats will be internal. We protect you against all threats, inside and out 24-7.

Comprehensive Monitoring & Analytics

We can continuously monitor from a small network to a complex network incorporating hundreds of network locations, and analyze data from four key channels.

Accelerated Detection, Response, and Remediation

Our clients often reduce their time to detection and remediation by over 85%.

Cost-Effective Protection

We provide comprehensive next-generation security at a fraction of the cost of building an equivalent 24-7 team in-house.

Get the skills and expertise you need to protect your cloud environment

If you have moved some or all your IT to the cloud, but it’s resulted in unexpected costs, fragmentation, and a need for more security staff to monitor data, mitigate advanced threats and meet regulatory requirements. Single Point of Contact Cloud Security Managed Services uses integrated security technologies, global threat intelligence, vulnerability detection and security professionals to help separate the “usual” or expected events from the “unusual” attacks and incidents – and deliver a more robust security solution for your cloud environment. The technology experts at Single Point of Contact have helped hundreds of firms migrate to a cloud platform. Our security team also ensures your data is encrypted and secure. We take swift and thorough action to ensure your network and data is protected around the clock and we solve problems immediately when they occur. Contact us today to learn more about how our team can help your firm secure your data and select the right platform based on your requirements. Get in touch with our consulting department or call us at 800-791-4300.