The Importance of a Cloud Based Disaster Recovery Plan

The cloud has been one of the most beneficial innovations for businesses large and small. With the vast amount of data organizations have, the cloud is flexible enough to store it all securely and cost-effectively. It has gotten to the point where the cloud is becoming the norm for businesses, which is both positive and […]

How to be Proactive Against IoT Hacks

Businesses everywhere are becoming more flexible when it comes to allowing employees to use their mobile devices to perform work-related functions. There are some clear benefits to allowing this, but there are also some risks associated with it from a security standpoint. Any time your IoT device is connected to a network, a potential hacker […]

What to Do When You’ve Been Hit With Ransomware

Everything could be going well to start your morning until you grab your coffee and sit in front of your computer. That’s when you see the dreaded message that your computer and network have been taken over by ransomware. Now what do you do? You should have a disaster recovery plan in place that should […]

How IT and Business Security Go Hand in Hand

Having your IT management solutions also involved with your business security is essential today. With the technological age we live in, the vast majority of security components a business has operates off of a network. In order for them to work most effectively, collaboration is critical. Things like door locks requiring access cards to enter […]

How to Strengthen Your Disaster Recovery Standards

Every company should have a disaster recovery plan in place. However, the strength of the plan varies among different companies. Some will prioritize security and disaster recovery by doing frequent testing with different scenarios, while others just hope for the best in the event of an IT disaster. Regardless of the size of your company, […]

Why You Should be Cautious About Cloud Security

More companies are using the cloud today than ever before. There are many advantages to using the cloud for data storage, organization, accessibility and more. But even with all of the advantages cloud storage solutions offer, there are still plenty of reasons to proceed with caution. Cyber criminals know companies store sensitive and confidential information […]

What to Consider When Choosing a Managed Security Service Provider

One problem many small and midsize business executives run into is wanting to invest in IT security tools, but not having the funds or resources to hire a full IT department. The good news is a quality managed security service provider is a more cost effective solution, as well as a more experienced solution in […]

Top 5 Apps Your Business Should Blacklist

As most business owners know, there are many different ways a cyber criminal can get into your network and cause damage. Relying on  managed security services can reduce the burden you place on yourself or your IT staff to ensure cyber security at all times, but there are still some vulnerabilities you need to address. […]

Security Update: Inside the Latest Threats in 2018

Just when you think you have the best IT security software installed for your organization, another threat is released that causes you to adjust. This is only going to become more common as technology evolves. Cyber criminals never take a day off when it comes to finding new ways to hack into networks and steal […]

Security Strategy Essentials to Keep Ahead of Rapidly Changing Threats

Cyber criminals never keep the same strategy for too long. As a result, companies and individuals always have to be ahead of the latest threats in their security practices. One of the best ways to do this is by utilizing managed security services providers to do the work for you. Of course, having your own […]