Should Small Businesses Have Security Concerns?

The Security Risks might not be visible distinctly but can adversely affect Your Business. Small businesses are vulnerable and can get affected by cyberattacks easily, it has been posing as a threat for the longest time now and the worse affected are small businesses. Some small businesses either don’t have the knowledge or the understanding […]

How Ransomware is Crippling Small Business

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How Secure Is Your Business? Malware is the computer code that is created for some malicious intent. Malware consist of Worms, viruses, and Trojans. The whole purpose of introducing a malware is to steal data. Ransomware uses the encryption technology to attack and hold data hostage. Recently, an increased rate of Ransomware attacks have made […]

Why VARs and Small IT Firms Need a White Label SOC Service?

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White Label Managed Security Services are designed specifically for IT service providers to benefit from. The Value Added Resellers (VARs), System Integrators (SIs), as well as medium to small sized IT firms benefit from this provision. A value-added reseller is a firm that accentuates and makes addition to the services and features to an already […]

How Small IT Firms Can Leverage a White Label Service Provider

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Small IT firms are built on the foundation of effective and reliable IT solutions for their clients. They are generally faced by some situation which tends to put them in a tight spot. Some of the challenges are: Disintegrated platforms Data services at an uneconomical cost Poor handling of service desks Hard to get on […]

Top 3 Ransomware Plays that Attack Your Blindside


Ransomware is a type of malware that helps encrypt the files that are stored on a user’s device or any storage devices that are available on the network. To access these encrypted files, the client must pay compensation known as “ransom” to the cybercriminals, regularly through an intense to-follow electronic installment technique, for example, Bitcoin. In […]

Is a White Label Partner a Fit for Your IT Support Firm?

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When you come to a point where you have to decide on whether to enter a white label partnership agreement or not, it means your business is doing well. Having a white label provider as a partner is not an indication that you can’t handle all of the work you have on your own. It […]

The Top Dark Web Monitoring Tools

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It’s a cybercriminal’s full-time job to steal individual and company information. They will then use it to either benefit themselves directly or sell the information on the dark web to other cybercriminals. The sophisticated techniques used to obtain this information are impressive to even the most experienced cybersecurity expert. Having a proactive IT management strategy […]

How to Safeguard Your Business from the Dark Web

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With the number of small businesses that have to close their doors every year, it’s a positive sign when small business owners are taking proactive steps regarding their cybersecurity. While malware and ransomware get all of the headlines, the dark web poses a constant threat that’s difficult to safeguard against. Using dark web monitoring tools […]