How to Support Healthcare IT Compliance with Data Security Measures

Healthcare IT Compliance

The proliferation of digital healthcare systems has led to a higher level of patient comfort. But it has simultaneously created additional avenues for cybercriminals to exploit. If you have a healthcare business, you must ensure that your IT infrastructure protects sensitive patient data while delivering quality patient care and adhering to IT compliance regulatory guidelines. […]

How to Keep Your IT Network Safe from the Most Advanced Cyber Threats Using Cybersecurity

Managed Security Service

A new industry is on the rise in today’s world, giving incredible remuneration to those employed – cybercrime. Hackers and malicious entities see this as the most lucrative opportunity with the highest returns. Information obtained from business databases can be sold on the dark web to the highest bidder. Companies must have a solid cybersecurity […]

Anticipating Tomorrow’s IT Security Challenges Today

Managed security service providers

The world’s most outstanding researchers and tech experts are constantly working on upgrading the technology available to the world. But there is another side to the coin – the world of cybercriminals. That world is also constantly working on using the latest technology developed to their advantage. Device vulnerability is constantly increasing due to data […]

Is the SMB a Primary Target of Cyber-Attacks?

Is the SMB a Primary Target of Cyber-Attacks?

Organizations with a weak security posture are prone to data breaches, cyber-attacks, ransomware, phishing attacks, and much more. This is particularly the case with small and medium businesses (SMBs). SMBs who are still learning the ropes of their field often overlook the necessary security measures they should implement to ensure data safety. What harm can […]

Key Steps to Secure Your IT Network

network security

The decisions we make today shape the outcomes of tomorrow. Similarly, the level of network security businesses implement today affects how capable their organizations are of dealing with the challenges of cyber threats tomorrow. Companies may think that their basic firewalls and default security systems are enough to protect them against network breach attempts by […]

Affordable IT Security Solutions by Managed Security Service Partners

Affordable IT Security Solutions by Managed Security Service Partners

We are all looking for the simple life – going about our daily routine tension-free, not looking over shoulders for dangers – the wish list goes on. Don’t you think our businesses would want the same for themselves? Dangers from the cyber world are always lurking near businesses, waiting to pounce on that one opportunity […]

Benefits and Limitations for Security Operation services

Cybersecurity operations focus on securing the company’s network, website, data, database and communication channels. But a security operation service should also protect the company’s business process. Having an in-house security operation service gives the company control above security incident monitoring. With an internal SOC, the company can change the security operations to meet the need […]

Top 5 Ways to Protect Your Wireless Network From Attacks

It’s no surprise the amount of cyber attacks on businesses are on the rise. As businesses trend toward using wireless networks, the risk of an attack increases significantly. This doesn’t mean it’s impossible to secure a wireless network, but it does mean securing a wireless network is much more challenging and easier to hack into […]

Top 5 Small IT Firms Best Practices for Protecting Information Online

Protecting Information Online

Employ the right strategy to protect Your Information Online Information technology security is an essential when all the business information stands online. It is critical that you take the necessary steps that exists to protect all the information that is available online and is open to attacks. Hackers may steal the vital information and put […]

How White Label SOC Services Win Trust With Small IT Firms?

White Label SOC Services

“Don’t let the threat of cyber-attack worry you” IT security of your clients’ firm is of utmost importance. There are numerous threats that might affect their data and network. This is ranging from Ransomware, phishing, to impersonation emails, and many more. This ideally means that your client’s IT security is your responsibility. To ensure the […]

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