The Peace of Mind That Comes From a Remote Monitoring and Management

Remote monitoring and management

Small and midsize businesses have enough to worry about on a daily basis. Adding security concerns can seem like a burden that often gets pushed to the side, which can lead to major IT disasters. Having the proper IT security services in place can bring a newfound sense of peace of mind. Sometimes this means […]

8 Security Metrics all MSSPs Should be Tracking

it management solutions

Evaluating and tracking metrics is important for any organization. Managed security service providers have to be held to an even higher standard. You can’t manage anything you don’t constantly measure, especially from a security standpoint. If your business is evaluating a remote managed security service provider that may be a good fit for your organization, […]

The Attention of Businesses Should be On These 3 Cybersecurity Threats

The cybersecurity landscape is constantly changing, which forces companies to alter their focus on a regular basis. Running a business is difficult enough, but when you throw in cybersecurity concerns, it can take the level of difficulty to new heights. Working with managed IT security services is one way to help relieve some of the […]

Why You Should Not Assume Your Small Business is Safe from Cyber Attacks

A common assumption among the majority of small business owners is a cybercriminal won’t waste their time trying to attack their organization. Besides, small businesses don’t have deep pockets and an abundance of resources, so why would anyone want to steal their information? The truth is cybercriminals feast on easy targets. And because of the […]

3 Small Business Security Trends Becoming More Popular This Year

Businesses may think they have the best secure IT server management practices in place, but technology and trends change constantly. In this regard, it’s easy to see how quickly security services can become outdated if you don’t have the proper resources to always stay on top of the latest updates. Business executives can’t afford to […]

How a Data Breach Has Changed Over the Years

When upper management at a small or midsize business hears about a data breach to a large corporation, they sometimes think a cyber criminal will never want to attack their company. However, cyber criminals don’t discriminate and most of the time will actually look for easier targets. A data breach can be just as devastating […]

Why You Should Outsource Your SOC

Statistics show most small and midsize businesses are not adequately protected from an IT security standpoint. Too many business owners believe their IT management solutions are sufficient enough, since cyber criminals won’t be targeting their small organization. This couldn’t be further from the truth, as cyber criminals actually target smaller companies because they know those […]

What to Look for in a White Label SOC Service

As a business owner, you may feel confident in your in-house IT staff to handle all of the necessary monitoring, operations and taking care of any cybersecurity issues. However, when you really look at the statistics, the truth is most in-house staffs aren’t equipped to handle the volume of work required to completely secure the […]