How White Label Helpdesk Services is Beneficial for Your IT Firm Growth

In the rapidly evolving field of information technology (IT), being ahead of the curve frequently entails adopting cutting-edge solutions that help with expansion while streamlining processes. An option that has been increasingly popular in recent times is White Label Helpdesk Sevices. Numerous advantages are available to IT businesses from these services, including improved client satisfaction, […]

Why Dark Web Monitoring is Needed in Your Business

managed security service provider

Most of the time you’re not going to walk into your office one morning and discover your network has been compromised due to the dark web. Ransomware and malware attacks are different in that sense because they directly threaten your organization. However, it doesn’t mean you should completely neglect dark web monitoring. You never truly […]

The Peace of Mind That Comes From a Remote Monitoring and Management

Remote monitoring and management

Small and midsize businesses have enough to worry about on a daily basis. Adding security concerns can seem like a burden that often gets pushed to the side, which can lead to major IT disasters. Having the proper IT security services in place can bring a newfound sense of peace of mind. Sometimes this means […]

There’s No One-Size-Fits-All Security Solution

Upper management at small and midsize businesses know they probably don’t have the proper IT security protocols in place. And when they finally look into enhancing their security, they will often just opt for the cheapest package that covers as many bases as possible without breaking the bank. What many business executives don’t know is […]

Questions and Myths Surrounding HIPAA Compliance in the Cloud

HIPAA Compliance

As cloud business solutions become more popular across various industries, there seems to be more questions than answers when it relates to HIPAA compliance. With the complexities of HIPAA rules and regulations, many healthcare providers are understandably uncertain as to whether they can use online cloud storage for their organization. It doesn’t help that there […]

The PCI Survival Kit

PCI compliant

Being PCI compliant means you are not only protecting your company’s confidential information, but your customers’ information as well. Data breaches happen every day across the globe, but the major ones happen when a company isn’t current on their security software or may have some holes to make it easier for cyber criminals to access. […]

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