How a Break/Fix IT Firm Transitioned to a 24×7 Managed IT Service Provider With The Help of a White Label Managed IT Service Partnership

Abstract This case study examines the transformation of a traditional break/fix IT firm into a thriving 24×7 Managed IT Service Provider through a strategic partnership with a white label managed IT service provider. The transition highlights the challenges faced by the company, the reasons behind pursuing managed services, the selection of a suitable white label partner, the […]

Manufacturing Firm Downloads Ransomware – Down For 2 Weeks

CHALLENGE For over 2 years, SPoC monitored and managed a manufactures server environment. Their internal staff handled the day to day help desk issues. When the contract was coming to an end, they requested we build their environment in the cloud. They then handed the keys to their less experienced staff. The firm felt they […]

Case Study: How an IT Firm Reduced OpEx and CapEx Costs Without Sacrificing Quality of Service in 2024

About the IT Firm: This case study examines the journey of an IT firm that successfully transitioned its clients from traditional colocation setups to cloud-based solutions. Additionally, it explores the strategic decision to partner with a white label provider to deliver round-the-clock help desk support and SOC (Security Operations Center) services. Through meticulous planning, seamless […]

Transitioning to a Fixed Cost MSP Model: A Break-Fix IT Firm’s Journey

White Label MSP

In the rapidly evolving landscape of IT services, firms continuously adapt to meet the changing demands of technology and client needs. This case study explores the transformation of a small IT firm, a traditional break-fix IT firm, into a forward-thinking Managed Services Provider (MSP) operating on a fixed cost model. This transition was not merely […]