Case Study

How a White Label Partner Empowered an IT Firm with 24×7 Security Operations Center


In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, cybersecurity has become paramount for businesses of all sizes. For small to medium-sized IT firms, establishing and maintaining a robust 24×7 Security Operations Center (SOC) can be a daunting and resource-intensive task. This case study examines how a white label security operations company partnered with an IT firm to deliver a comprehensive 24×7 SOC solution, enhancing the IT firms cybersecurity posture and enabling them to focus on their core business objectives.

Client Background

The client, an IT firm specializing in providing managed services, cloud solutions, and network infrastructure management, recognized the growing need for a dedicated SOC to safeguard their clients’ sensitive data and critical assets. However, the IT firm faced challenges in terms of expertise, resources, and time required to establish an in-house SOC.

White Label Security Operations Partner Selection

The client opted to collaborate with a white label security operations company, which had a proven track record in delivering SOC-as-a-Service solutions. Single Point of Contact offered a seamless integration of their services into the client’s existing infrastructure, allowing the IT firm to provide round-the-clock security monitoring without the overhead of building a SOC from scratch.

Customization and Integration

Single Point of Contact conducted an in-depth assessment of the client’s existing IT infrastructure, business processes, and security requirements. This assessment laid the foundation for designing a customized SOC solution that aligned with the client’s specific needs.

The white label SOC solution was integrated with the client’s existing systems, ensuring a smooth transition and minimal disruption. Single Point of Contact provided guidance on necessary hardware and software enhancements, network configuration changes, and integration of security information and event management (SIEM) tools for effective threat detection and response.

24×7 Threat Monitoring and Incident Response

Single Point of Contact established a Security Operations Center staffed with experienced security analysts and incident responders. The SOC operated on a 24×7 basis, providing continuous threat monitoring and incident response capabilities. This approach ensured swift detection of security incidents, reducing the potential impact of cyber threats.

The SOC team utilized advanced threat intelligence feeds, machine learning algorithms, and behavior analytics to identify anomalies and potential security breaches. When a security incident was detected, the SOC analysts followed predefined incident response playbooks developed in collaboration with the client. These playbooks outlined step-by-step procedures to contain, mitigate, and remediate various types of cyber threats.

Reporting and Collaboration

Regular communication and collaboration were vital components of the partnership. Single Point of Contact provided the IT firm with real-time and periodic reports detailing the security events, incidents detected, and the effectiveness of the response efforts. These reports allowed the client to have visibility into their security posture so they can make informed decisions.

In addition to reports, the SOC analysts and incident response teams maintained constant communication with the client’s internal IT and security teams. Collaborative discussions ensured that the client remained informed about ongoing security operations and any emerging threats.

Scalability and Flexibility

As the client’s business grew, the white label SOC solution was designed to scale effortlessly. Single Point of Contact offered flexible scalability options, enabling the client to adjust the scope and coverage of the SOC services based on changing requirements. This ensured that the client’s cybersecurity capabilities evolved in tandem with their business expansion.


The collaboration between the IT firm and Single Point of Contact yielded numerous positive outcomes:

Enhanced Security Posture

The client gained a 24×7 SOC solution that provided proactive threat detection and rapid incident response, bolstering their overall security posture.


By leveraging a white label SOC solution, the client avoided the substantial expenses associated with building and maintaining an in-house SOC, such as hiring and training specialized security personnel.

Focus on Core Competencies

The IT firm could focus on their core business activities while entrusting the cybersecurity aspect to experts. This led to increased operational efficiency and improved customer satisfaction.

Rapid Incident Resolution

The SOC’s timely response to security incidents minimized potential damage and reduced downtime, translating to increased business continuity and happy clients.


The white label SOC solution scaled seamlessly as the client’s business expanded, accommodating increased workloads without compromising on security and adding large operational costs.


This case study illustrates how a white label security operations company successfully partnered with an IT firm to deliver a comprehensive 24×7 Security Operations Center. Through customization, integration, constant monitoring, collaboration, and scalability, the white label SOC solution empowered the client to enhance their cybersecurity posture, focus on core competencies, and effectively address emerging threats. As businesses continue to grapple with an ever-evolving threat landscape, such partnerships offer a viable approach to achieving robust cybersecurity without the burden of creating and maintaining an in-house SOC.

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