Does Your Firm Have The Skill Set To Build Servers In The Cloud?

Extend your areas of support to the cloud. Our team is ready to monitor, manage and remediate your clients cloud environment.

24x7 Azure and AWS Support

24x7 Team

Our certified team of Azure and AWS experts are ready to build, manage, monitor and support your cloud servers.

Project support

Migrating to the cloud? Not a problem, we can migrate your client to Office 365, Azure or AWS. Our team has built hundreds of networks and can easily predict costs and amount of time it will take to complete the project.

US Based Team

Our North American team can support your clients around the world. We also offer support in Spanish and German.

A Trusted Cloud Partner

Single Point of Contact’s White Label Solution is an ideal fit for small IT firms that are not experienced with building cloud infrastructures. A team of cloud experts are available to consult and provide a detailed plan to get your client to the cloud. Whether it’s Office 365, Azure or AWS, our team of experts will produce a comprehensive strategy to get your client from an on-premise infrastructure, to a cloud-based environment.

24x7 Azure and AWS Support

Azure and AWS support services are designed to offer technical expertise and assistance at any time, ensuring that IT businesses can leverage the full potential of the cloud infrastructure. Azure support is a type of advanced cloud-based technology that offers a vast and growing range of IT applications and infrastructure services. AWS and Azure support can help IT organizations to focus on their business objectives while they take care of the business’s IT requirements. 

Undefeated IT Support

Single Point of Contact has a team of elite IT support specialists who are ready to assist your business to reach the maximum height with Azure and AWS support services. So, if you’re seeking management support, migration or monitoring, we’re here to give you the best outcomes.

Proactive Outlook

We are always ready to take a strategic step and deliver exceptional management services and monitoring through our latest tools and technology to ease the performance automation for Azure and AWS.

Centralized Coordination

With us, you get a dedicated representative who plays the role of a primary liaison between your business and users, this will eventually eliminate the need to interact with multiple support personnel. It will save your quality time while reducing the complication of the communications medium.

Quicker Issue Resolution

We offer your business personalized attention to minimize delays and will enhance overall support effectiveness. Our IT staff members are here to monitor the issue and give you solutions more efficiently.

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