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Avoid Cyber Risks with Security Awareness Training

It’s common for business owners to understand the risks associated with cybersecurity, but not necessarily know what to do about it. The days of installing antivirus software and feeling secure are long gone. Nowadays a more proactive IT management strategy is required to protect your systems and networks as much as possible. This involves providing security awareness training to everyone in your organization since many cyber attacks originate from within the walls of a company. A company’s biggest cyber risks are with their employees, but proper education can alleviate some of those risks.

Conduct Cybersecurity Awareness Training For New Employees

Any time a new employee is hired, managed security services providers recommend providing them with comprehensive cybersecurity training. If nothing else, a new hire needs to know you take cybersecurity seriously and there will be consequences if proper protocols and procedures are not followed. Many employees don’t understand what cybersecurity is all about and will click on a malicious email link or attachment without even thinking twice. Cutting down this risk by providing thorough training courses will give your IT security services a boost.

Hold Refresher Training For Existing Employees

Cybersecurity is never a one-and-done thing. New trends and risks always evolve, so your employees need to be educated accordingly. A good proactive IT management strategy is to hold periodic meetings or training courses throughout the year. These could be quarterly, bi-annually or annually, depending on how large your organization is and your risk tolerance. It’s easy for employees to get caught up in their daily routine and lose sight of cybersecurity risks, so always keeping it at the top of their mind is invaluable.

Why Security Awareness Training is Worth It

Regular security awareness training sessions may seem inconvenient, but they are well worth the effort. Your IT security services can only do so much to protect you from cyber attacks. The first line of defense in your organization is likely your employees, so creating as much awareness as possible could be the difference between experiencing an IT disaster or not. Many business owners turn to managed security services providers for assistance to ensure all bases are covered.

Single Point of Contact works with small and midsize businesses to better protect their organization. We will evaluate your systems and networks to determine whether your current IT security services are sufficient or if upgrades are needed. Most small businesses aren’t protected properly, and we are here to help ensure your vulnerabilities are taken care of. Never hesitate to contact us to start the conversation and get your company protected as quickly as possible.

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