A Quick Way To Land MSP Clients

Do I have your attention? It gets better. You do not need to buy an expensive list. All you need to do is dedicate an hour or two each week to approach the people on your list. Who is on this list? Friends, family, former co-workers, and the people in your LinkedIn network.

Why? These people know you. They know that you are a person of integrity, trustworthy, credible, and can solve IT problems. A prospective client who does not know you will think twice before handing the keys to their kingdom. They will vet you and request to speak to references. Your friends and family will not make that request. They know you and if you have built trust with them, you will quickly land a new account.

This method is ideal for firms that are just starting out. Budgets are tight and online marketing is a distant goal, so we have to get creative. What goes on your list? Full name, firm name, size of the firm, email, and industry. Create a list of high to the low priority of who you think will close quickly, ideal firm size, and you know the pains and challenges for that industry.

What is next? You then create a non-invasive message to be sent over the email. NO NEED to write a novel, this email will consist of three sentences only, they must be engaging and peak interest (hit a nerve?) (I can share what I have written for my mentees, email me if you would like the script.) I receive spam emails every day, a huge problem with many of them, no value proposition early on, and the message contain 15+ sentences. Who has time to read 15+ sentences?

Second to the last step may be a challenge for the introverts. You have to get on the phone if no one responds to your email. You need a script that will keep them engaged and interested in what you have to say(if you need a script, email me.) If you plan on building a business and money is tight, you need to get out of your comfort zone. You have to believe in yourself and build the confidence to engage with others.

I am used to rejection. During my single days, I would ask 10 girls out, 9 would say no, but that one that said yes gave me the confidence to ask 10 more on a date. One of the reasons I did so well when I made cold calls. Rejection to me fueled my desire to get that yes. It was a personal challenge.

The last piece to this puzzle…get a CRM in place. Keep detailed notes, because not everyone will say yes. You will get a “No” or a “maybe” or check back with me in 3 months. You need a tool in place that will alert you when to check back with this prospective client.

I am capped with mentees, but I can make time for a quick call if you catch me at the right time. If you want the email message and script, email me at Good luck on your new journey.

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