A MSP Can Never be Replaced by One IT Position

As a small business owner, being smart about cutting costs is essential for long-term success. One of the biggest expenses for any organization is IT security. Whether it’s the programs and software or paying the salaries of IT staff members, the cost of protecting your networks and servers is expensive. Hiring a managed security service provider may seem costly on the surface, especially when you believe you can hire a single IT person to do the same work for a lower price. This way of thinking is a big mistake and here are a few of the main reasons why.

Most Employees Have Multiple Roles

Your IT expert may be a jack of all trades and knows everything there is to know about information technology and security. However, when one person has multiple roles and daily jobs, their attention has to be spread out across many different aspects. This simply means they won’t be able to monitor your networks and servers as closely as a managed service provider could, which could lead to an IT disaster. With cybersecurity being a big area of concern for businesses today, having a dedicated team monitoring your network is much safer than having one person doing the same.

One IT Person Can’t Work 24 Hours A Day

No one can work 24 hours a day, but that’s exactly what you need to fully protect your organization. A managed service provider offers 24/7 computer support so you’ll never have to worry about your servers being unmonitored. When you only have a single IT expert monitor your network during normal business hours, you’re putting your company at risk of having its information compromised the other hours of the day and night. The cost of restoring functionality and recovering files in the event of a data breach will be much more expensive than just working with a managed service provider from the very beginning.

Managed Service Providers Reduce Risks

Since a managed service provider offers 24/7 computer support, risks and vulnerabilities are reduced considerably. The quicker potential issues are identified and resolved, the more secure your organization will be as a whole. A single IT expert may not have the time or bandwidth to constantly update and upgrade servers. All it takes is a small hole in your security for a cybercriminal to gain access, so it’s well worth having a managed service provider to ensure these risks are eliminated.

At Single Point of Contact, we offer IT support for small and midsize business owners at an affordable price. We understand IT security takes up a significant portion of your budget, so we want to make our services as cost-effective as possible for you. Never put your company at risk by cutting corners on security. Be sure to give us a call to learn more about our services and how we can put together a security package that works best for you.

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