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9 Signs That Your Endpoint Security Isn’t Working Well

Having quality endpoint security protection is essential for businesses of all sizes. This protection should be part of every proactive IT management strategy, and needs to be constantly updated to ensure it’s performing to perfection. But how exactly do you know whether yours is working well or needs to be addressed? Here are some points to take into consideration.

Underperforming Security Solution

If you notice something isn’t quite right with your network, but your endpoint security isn’t alerting you on anything, there may be a problem. Take note of any situations like this and contact an IT consulting service right away to make sure no virus goes undetected.

Updates Make Your System Slower

Any time you update your endpoint security during normal business hours, it’s going to slow your system down a little bit. However, it shouldn’t slow it down to the point where you’re employees can’t be productive. If it does, then reach out to your managed IT service provider for advice on how to maintain high performance during updates.

It’s Too Difficult To Manage

When your endpoint security solution is too challenging to manage, it can lead to the temptation to neglect updating it. You want to be able to manage all devices and servers from a central location to streamline the process, and your managed IT solution can be a solid resource for making this happen.

You’re Alerted About Files That Aren’t Malicious

It’s always better to be over-alerted rather than not alerted enough, but this becomes a nuisance when it constantly occurs. Depending on how your endpoint security is configured, a false alert can lead to your system shutting down or making files inaccessible when they don’t need to be.

It’s Bothersome To Employees

If you require employees to do regular updates to their individual devices, then make sure it’s easy to do. When the process becomes burdensome, employees may neglect to do it, which can lead to more vulnerabilities.

Security Alerts Create Disruptions

No one likes popup advertisements, just like no one likes to see a popup security alert. This can interrupt productivity and disrupt employees and managers alike. Talk to your IT consulting service to see if it’s possible to hide these alerts during critical business hours to prevent an interruption in productivity.

Viruses Return After They’ve Been Cleaned

When a virus is cleaned from your network, your endpoint security should prevent it from returning. If the virus comes back, then it’s time to do some serious reevaluating of your current solution.

It’s Too Complicated

You want your endpoint security solution to reduce the burden placed on your IT staff, not the other way around. So if yours is creating more work for your staff, it’s time to turn to a managed IT solution to look at other options.

You Can’t Get The Proper Support When Needed

When you need IT support, having someone you can rely on is important. Working with an IT consulting service you can trust is essential for ensuring your systems and networks are operating properly and securely.

Single Point of Contact takes pride in being a managed IT solution for businesses of various sizes. Endpoint security is a major topic of discussion today, in both good and bad ways. When you work with us, we eliminate problems to make your daily work much easier to manage. Never hesitate to contact us to see how we can help your business have the best endpoint security possible.

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