8 Security Metrics all MSSPs Should be Tracking

Evaluating and tracking metrics is important for any organization. Managed security service providers have to be held to an even higher standard. You can’t manage anything you don’t constantly measure, especially from a security standpoint. If your business is evaluating a remote managed security service provider that may be a good fit for your organization, it’s important to make sure they are tracking these eight security metrics closely.

Frequency of Threats and Attacks

When you know how many threats or attacks your business gets regularly, you can focus your IT management solutions accordingly. Business security always has to be flexible since different vulnerabilities and risks can arise at any given moment. Identifying the amount and location of the majority of the attacks can help you target the main areas of security to focus on.

Patch Latency

Many organizations are guilty of not updating their systems quickly when a new patch is released. Tracking the time between the release of a new patch and the time when the patch was implemented can help you identify an area that commonly needs to be improved among business owners.

Average Detection Time

The quicker a remote security monitoring service can detect a threat, the smaller the chance of a major disaster occurring. Every managed service provider wants this number to be low, which indicates they are always on top of any threat or attack.

Average Response Time

The average response time is different from the average detection time because it deals with finding a solution. This clock begins once a threat is detected and stops when the system is back to its normal operating state.

Unexpected Downtime

Nothing is worse for a business than unexpected downtime. Your IT management solutions should be heavily focused on minimizing downtime to prevent losing customers. The fast-paced world we live in demands immediacy, so downtime gives customers a good reason to look for another provider.

Churn Rate

A well managed service provider should look at their client churn rate and evaluate how they can improve their services. A quality remote security IT service should be proactive about reducing churn.

Level of Password Strength

Weak passwords are often the reason why companies have to put their disaster recovery plans into action. A managed service provider should evaluate passwords and determine whether any need to be strengthened to enhance security.

Security Training

Tracking your security training is invaluable and can give your organization another layer of protection. Any employees who may be struggling with comprehension of security practices may need a little more attention. The only way to know this is by tracking statistics to get some insight into their understanding.

Single Point of Contact utilizes a large system of metrics to track performance, threats, vulnerabilities and much more. We are a well-rounded managed security service provider that is equipped to provide high-level security services for small and midsize businesses. We would be happy to discuss with you the metrics we evaluate daily to optimize performance and enhance security, so contact us today to learn more.

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