5 Reasons to Use a Network Monitoring Solution

When the systems and networks within your organization are healthy, your company as a whole will operate more efficiently. One of the best ways to ensure this happens is to use a remote monitoring and management service to keep an eye out for any suspicious activity. In fact, many companies that take advantage of 24/7 network monitoring services are made aware of any potential issues after they have been resolved, and there’s very rarely any interruptions in the connectivity or service. Here are several ways network monitoring can provide value to your business.

Diagnose and Report Problems

When any IT problem happens within an organization, the first thing to do is identify the source of the problem. However, this often isn’t immediately evident and takes some time to discover. Your network monitoring service can diagnose the problem accurately and report them to you immediately. The best part is by the time you receive the report outlining the problem, the managed network services have already alleviated the issue and restored functionality.

Make Proactive Upgrades

It doesn’t do any good to have the best software and services in place if you don’t constantly stay on top of the necessary updates. Sometimes hardware can be outdated as well and require an upgrade to operate most efficiently. It’s difficult to be proactive with ensuring all systems, networks and services are up-to-date, but not when you use a network monitoring solution. They are always on top of the latest updates to ensure your company is secure and operating at high performance levels.

Ensure IT Security is Functioning Properly

Having proper IT security in place is essential. Ensuring IT security is functioning properly is even more important. Cybercriminals can do some serious damage to a company, so it’s critical to always be on top of the latest trends in IT security. The managed network services you work with will plug up any holes and patch up any vulnerabilities in your systems.

Identify and Fix Issues Before They Become Impactful

No organization is perfect at all times since hardware and software issues can occur when you least expect it. The earlier problems are detected, the quicker they can be resolved before they become a significant issue. This is exactly what the role of managed network services is. 

Reduce Downtime

Downtime is one of the worst terms for a business owner. Every minute of downtime hurts the bottom line and can derail employee productivity. With a solid remote monitoring and management service in place, significant downtime is reduced since problems are identified and alleviated in the early stages. In fact, sometimes employees may not even be aware of potential issues, as their productivity is only minimally interrupted.

Single Point of Contact offers network monitoring services to fulfill all of your organizational needs from an IT perspective. We take proactive steps to ensure your systems and networks are fully functional at all times, so downtime is a thing of the past. To learn more about how our managed network services can benefit your company, contact us at any time to schedule a consultation.

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