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5 Questions You Should Ask Your White Label MSP Before Choosing Their EDR Solutions

Endpoint Detection Response (EDR) solutions are witnessing a huge market demand for IT businesses. There are two main reasons behind this – first, cyber-attacks are becoming more dangerous and frequent, and second, EDR solutions are becoming more affordable for SMBs. However, not all EDR solutions are the same.

So, how to find the right one?

As per a Gartner report, by the end of 2025, more than 60% of businesses will have replaced older antivirus solutions with modern EDR solutions. The increased adoption has brought the need for cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions to the forefront of IT business operations.

In today’s blog, we’ll read about some pertinent questions that small IT business owners need to ask MSSPs before choosing their EDR solutions. Let’s get started.

#1 – Does the EDR solution offer easy integration with other security platforms?

Opting for an EDR solution doesn’t mean your current security systems become obsolete. When you implement an EDR security solution on your IT business’s network, make sure that it is compatible with your already under-use security solution, like a SIEM system.

#2 – Will the EDR solution work on different operating systems?

The effectiveness of an EDR solution can be limited if it is not supported on multiple operating systems. So, before choosing an EDR service provider, ensure that it works in sync with the operating systems utilized on your IT firm’s infrastructure.

#3 – What is the range of devices the EDR solution covers?

EDR tools and technologies may work on computer systems perfectly but might not cover smartphones running on Android and iOS operating systems. Even security for IoT (Internet of Things) devices may not be covered under the EDR security package. It’s imperative to figure out if your chosen EDR solution will suffice for your IT business network’s endpoints.

#4 – Is cloud support a part of the EDR security package?

With most IT organizations focusing on their digital transformations with specific attention to cloud technologies, you should check to see if the EDR solution supports cybersecurity for cloud environments. The EDR solution should be easily installed into the cloud network and offer advanced protection against sophisticated cyber threats.

#5 – Can the EDR solution be scaled reliably?

Your IT business may be small at the moment, but you are constantly looking to serve more clients and expand your market footprint. That’s why you need an EDR solution to keep your IT architecture secured in the future, even with the addition of new components and functionalities. The EDR solution should be able to handle the increased IT workload as the organization handles more client projects.

Making an Informed Decision

Choosing an EDR solution and making it a part of your IT organization’s cybersecurity posture is not a small undertaking. You should seek the answers to the questions mentioned above, do your market research, and ask your business peers to make sure you choose a valuable EDR solution.

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