5 Forgotten Cybersecurity Threats in the Office

Cybersecurity is not something you can address once and then forget about it. Cyber attacks and threats are ongoing around the clock every day of the year, so you have to have IT security services in place to ensure you’re always protected. And the truth is many cyber attacks originate from inside the office, through malicious intent or not. Here are some of the most common cybersecurity threats that happen in your office and can easily be forgotten about without the proper IT security services in place.

Not Installing Software Updates

Security software updates are needed for a reason, and most of them have to do with patching up security risks. The best IT support for small and midsize business owners will automatically update the software, since employees tend to ignore them or put them off for days or weeks. Not installing these updates right away can give a cyber criminal just enough of an opening to find their way into your network and compromise data.

Unclear BYOD Policies

The world of BYOD has evolved quickly for companies around the world. In some instances, it has evolved so quickly that security practices haven’t been able to keep up. Companies need to have clear security policies when it comes to employees using their phones or tablets to perform work-related functions. It’s easy for employees to think their devices are secure at all times, but simply raising awareness and having strict policies in place will prevent costly mistakes from happening.

Weak Passwords

It’s hard to believe business owners still have to preach the importance of having strong passwords, but it’s true. With the average user having multiple accounts, it’s much easier to have a single, simple password to remember for each one. However, doing so is a recipe for disaster and there’s not much IT security services can do right away if a password gets compromised.

Lack of Cybersecurity Training

The best remote monitoring IT service will suggest educating employees on cybersecurity regularly. This training doesn’t have to occur weekly, monthly or even quarterly, but annual or bi-annual training seminars will greatly benefit the security of your business. Awareness is one of the best ways to be proactive in preventing cybersecurity threats, and it starts with training employees about what to look for and do, as well as educating them on the potential consequences of a cyber attack.


Hacktivism is when a company is accused of doing something wrong, whether they actually did anything wrong or not. This could be a completely random threat, or it could be from a previous disgruntled employee who is looking to get back at their previous employer. A remote monitoring IT service may be able to manage some of the threats, but it’s always something to look at closely and be aware of to protect your public image.

Single Point of Contact provides IT support for small and midsize business owners so they can focus on other important aspects of their business. It’s too easy to overlook cybersecurity threats happening in the office, and requires an expert in cybersecurity to monitor data and threats around the clock. Our goal is to take some worries and concerns off of your plate and give you peace of mind knowing your organization is protected as you work to grow it. We are ready to take your call and protect you in any way we can, so contact us today for a quick consultation.

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