4 Simple Steps for Better Online Security

The current world which is technologically advanced demands empowerment in the realm of technology which means a more responsive and respectful usage of technology. Online security is a necessity and should be a top priority for you as well as your clients.  Here are some useful tips that can help you maintain online security:

1.Connect with a known and familiar network
What do you do when you see “free-wifi” sign? You immediately connect to the network, oblivious of all the dangers this might possess. Public connections are unsecure and therefore susceptible and open to outsiders and even hackers. While it is obvious that these networks offer convenience it is also a fact that the risks are major and you must be aware of them. To ensure that no false play happens you must use reliable networks only with secure connection and appropriate VPN settings.

2. Browse and Purchase with Caution
You are aware of the fact that malicious websites are waiting to attack and are readily present, one wrong move and you unintentionally fall in the trap with a virus download. It is advised that good and safe place to work on internet is to use familiar websites.Make sure that you only use trusted website like Netflix and Amazon. ‘Padlock’ is a symbol which a must and you should look for it or in terms of abbreviation you can understand that ‘https’ is a safe browsing way. This ensures that the webpage is
encrypted and highly secure. When you opt for online shopping be sure to always trust only the Secured Socket Layer.

3. Steer clear from anything suspicious
Cyber threats are becoming more real-looking and absolutely safe to the naked eye, however, the truth is that these are becoming more dangerous. When browsing online, you must keep in mind that any offer that looks too good to be true, is probably some
kind of trap or spam. If a window pops up when you are browsing through a website then you must immediately close it. Do the same with an email. If you feel you have received an email from an unknown source don’t click the link or open any attachment. Your instincts will definitely tell you what is right and what is not. Trust your judgment power.

4. Secure passwords are a way to be safe
There is a reason why some websites ask you to add passwords that are a mix of letters, alphanumeric, and special characters. It is done majorly to ensure that a very secure
password is maintained which is hard to breech. Now, people tend to keep their passwords same, but this is a very dangerous prospect, since you are open to malicious attacks in not one but several avenues with similar passwords.

Online security is an important aspect and must be well-maintained to ensure that no discrepancy affects the total data. With the world of technology expanding, the malicious activities are also growing in Number, to combat it we will have to take care that we maintain security.

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