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3 Ways to Protect Your SMB from Phishing and Cyber Threats

When small and midsize business owners don’t take cyber security seriously enough, they are leaving themselves extremely vulnerable to attacks. And since a SMB doesn’t have as many resources or funding as a large corporation, an attack could cause them to close their doors. But what is the best way for a SMB to protect themselves? It starts with having a comprehensive proactive IT management strategy and working with a provider that offers IT support for small and midsize businesses. Phishing and cyber threats are always going to be present, so here are a few ways you can protect your business.

Provide Cybersecurity Training To Employees

Your small or midsize business likely has only a few dozen employees, but you still need to make sure they are trained to identify a potential cyber threat. Employees need to know the difference between a legitimate email and a fake one, since cyber criminals are very good and creative when it comes to creating emails that look legitimate. A solid proactive IT management strategy is taking the time to educate your employees on basic security like how to protect data, phishing, the importance of strong passwords, safe internet browsing and more.

Have A Disaster Recovery Plan In Place

No matter how much effort you put into preventing cyber attacks, it’s still critical to have a disaster recovery plan in place in the event of an attack. And it’s not good enough to simply put together a plan. Work with a reputable IT provider to test the plan to ensure it’s sufficient for what you need if an attack occurs. The best disaster recovery plan will allow employees to continue working while the attack is getting cleaned up in the background. But most importantly, you want to ensure all of your data is able to be recovered and does not get shared with unauthorized users.

Utilize Cybersecurity Services

There is plenty of IT support for small and midsize businesses. The unfortunate reality is too many of these business executives don’t utilize the cybersecurity services available to them. Cost is typically the main reason, but what business executives overlook and don’t understand is how devastating a cyber attack can be. The cost of effective IT support for small and midsize business owners is minute compared to the cost of cleaning up a data breach. Using a trusted cybersecurity service is possibly the most effective proactive IT management strategy a business executive can have to protect their company now and in the future.

Single Point of Contact has seen every type of phishing and cyber threat imaginable. Our passion is helping small and midsize businesses realize the imminent dangers they face regarding cyber threats, and also providing solutions to prevent these threats from impacting them negatively. Whether it’s simply updating security software or developing a comprehensive disaster recovery plan, we are here to help. Don’t hesitate to contact us at any time to see how our IT services can help your business thrive without the fear of a significant cyber attack.

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