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3 Ways to Improve Your Cybersecurity

A common belief among small business owners is hackers won’t want to waste their time trying to intrude on their network. This belief can create major problems, since secure IT server management practices may not be as strong as they need to be. The truth is cyber criminals are just as interested in small businesses as they are in large corporations. In fact, sometimes small businesses are targeted more because they are quicker and easier to get into due to their lack of resources. As a small business owner, you should always be looking to improve your cybersecurity practices, and here are three simple ways you can do so.

Conduct Regular Cybersecurity Testing And Data Backups

One of the components of a great proactive IT management strategy is conducting regular cybersecurity testing. This can include testing your servers to make sure they have the latest software installed, ensuring the operating systems are up-to-date and even conducting penetration and vulnerability tests. Many IT security consulting firms will offer these tests as part of their service packages, so take advantage of them when you have the opportunity.

Backing up your data regularly is critical as well. The most important data you have should be kept in two places in the event of an emergency or a failed server. Taking this small step can prevent some major headaches and keep your business operating as normally as possible when a disaster strikes.

Keep Your Systems Updated

Having updated systems and networks will improve your cybersecurity since it makes it much more difficult for hackers to penetrate. Hackers are constantly looking for holes to squeeze through, and many of those holes happen when companies don’t patch their software or install the recommended updates at the appropriate times. Your proactive IT management strategy should include automatic updates so you know nothing will go unnoticed.

Educate Your Employees

Most cybersecurity attacks on organizations can be prevented, since the majority of them originate with employees. Sometimes malicious employees create the attack, but most of the time it’s an accident. These accidents can be prevented by educating them on secure and safe cybersecurity practices. You don’t have to scare them to the point where they are hesitant to do their jobs, but it is valuable for them to know the ramifications and consequences of being negligent. When everyone within an organization is on the same page, you’ll have a much more secure company as a whole.

Single Point of Contact is constantly looking for ways to combat cyber attacks. We offer IT security consulting services to help small businesses develop a proactive IT management strategy to best protect their organization. Every company can improve their cybersecurity practices in some ways, and we are here to help evaluate and analyze your processes so you can strengthen yours. To get an evaluation and recommendations for your business, contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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