3 Ways Cybersecurity is Jeopardized in a Business

When most business owners think about IT security services, they often think about firewalls, antivirus software and patches. While these are important components to protect your network and servers, the overlooked aspects often present the biggest vulnerabilities. One thing managed security services providers always look for is the culture of an organization when it comes to cybersecurity. Many times your employees are the source of vulnerabilities, whether they mean to be or not. This has led us to evaluate some of the ways cybersecurity may be jeopardized in your business.

Unintentional Information Sharing

We live in a world today where information can be shared in a matter of seconds. In fact, with social media and other platforms, sharing information has become the norm. While business owners know what information should and shouldn’t be shared, the lines are often blurred for employees. Before you run into an issue of an employee sharing confidential information, work with a managed security services provider to establish procedures and protocols to ensure nothing slips through. Unintentionally sharing confidential information is easy to do, but having protocols in place to make your employees think before they share will help.

Complacency Among Employees

The worst thought anyone in a company can have is they are immune to cyber attacks. This can lead to complacency from top to bottom in an organization, which enhances the risk of a data breach significantly. You have to assume your company is going to be targeted by a cybercriminal at some point, so having a 24/7 computer support service on standby can bring you peace of mind. Employees can become complacent over the years, but it’s important for the business owner to identify it and reinforce the importance of cybersecurity frequently.

Bending Rules And Procedures

There are many times when performing a particular task can be easier if company procedures aren’t followed. However, those procedures are in place for a reason and should be followed to prevent a major IT disaster. You can’t rely on your IT security services solely because they can only do so much to protect you. If an employee intentionally bends rules and procedures, then major issues could occur when you least expect them to.

Single Point of Contact is one of the top managed security services providers because we help organizations with their specific needs. We tailor our IT security services to take into consideration the everyday challenges your company faces. Cybersecurity issues often stem from within an organization, so we take proactive measures to ensure everyone from top to bottom understands the ramifications of a cyber attack. Don’t hesitate to contact us at any time to see how we can help better protect your company.

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