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3 Small Business Security Trends Becoming More Popular This Year
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Businesses may think they have the best secure IT server management practices in place, but technology and trends change constantly. In this regard, it’s easy to see how quickly security services can become outdated if you don’t have the proper resources to always stay on top of the latest updates. Business executives can’t afford to leave gaps or holes in their IT security, so working with managed security services providers is often a top choice. Here are some of the most popular small business security trends we expect to see the rest of this year.

Implementation of Multi-Factor Authentication

Multi-factor authentication can solve many security concerns. However, since it requires employees to go through multiple steps to simply login to their account, it’s easy to see how resistant people can be to implementing the practice. From a management perspective though, the extra few seconds it takes to login is worth it when you consider the risks associated with a hacker stealing a password and gaining access to your servers. Most managed security services providers will highly recommend implementing multi-factor authentication, since it adds another significant layer of security to your business.

The Use of Artificial Intelligence in Cyber Security

Artificial intelligence is used in many different ways, including for cyber security. The software and algorithms used in AI-based tools are designed to detect potential risks before they become a problem and identify threats before they even occur. The combination of cyber criminals becoming more sophisticated and businesses adopting more technology simply means artificial intelligence practices will likely become more of the norm than the exception in the near future.

Advanced Security For IoT Devices

Most companies today have at least one IoT device connected to their business. These devices can range from mobile phones to security cameras, wireless speakers to smart locks and many more. While these IoT devices make doing business much easier, they are also somewhat easy targets for cyber criminals. This highlights the importance of IT support for small business owners to ensure all bases are covered. Enhancing security for every IoT device in your organization can save you from a potential disaster, so it’s worth every penny of the investment you make in it.

Single Point of Contact offers the highest level of security and IT support for small and midsize businesses who may not have a lot of resources otherwise. We always stay on top of the latest trends in security and pass along our knowledge and expertise to our customers on a daily basis. Every organization has different needs, so we will tailor our security packages to fit those needs. Trends will always come and go, but it’s critical to stay on top of the security trends. Never hesitate to contact us to learn more about our services and how we can help your business be secure around the clock.

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