3 Reasons Why Businesses Keep Failing at Cybersecurity

The amount of cyber attacks on businesses is at an all-time high. Some of this has to do with sophisticated cyber criminals having different techniques that are hard to detect. Another big reason is that business owners don’t necessarily have the right IT security services in place. This makes it much easier for a cyber criminal to find their way into a network and do a significant amount of damage. Every data breach gets investigated so there’s a better understanding of how it happened and how it can be prevented in the future. Here are three of the main reasons why companies experience these attacks and why they ultimately continue to fail at cybersecurity.

Believing Proper Security Protocols Are Good Enough

If a business owner has made an investment in IT security services, they could end up with a false sense of security. However, simply having anti-virus software isn’t going to prevent a cyber attack from happening. It’s important to have a detailed cybersecurity plan to not only prevent attacks but to also minimize damage if one occurs. Working with managed security service providers can offload some of the responsibilities from your IT staff and offer another layer of protection.

Assuming All Security Compliance Concerns Are Being Met

Assuming you are working with managed security service providers, you must read and understand the agreements in which they operate. Never assume all of your cybersecurity and security compliance concerns are being handled unless they are in the contract. The best providers will be transparent with you, but business owners also have to do their part in ensuring the lines of communication are always open. Assumptions can lead to finger-pointing after a data breach occurs, and it’s too late to do anything at that point.

Neglecting To Update IT Security Timely

Software updates come up for a reason. When a vendor identifies a security flaw of any kind, they release an update immediately and expect the end user to install it. The reality is most people will not do this immediately. Sometimes software updates can go weeks or months without getting installed, which opens the door even wider for a cyber criminal to enter. This is one of the main reasons why some companies opt for working with a 24/7 computer support service. They will handle all of the necessary updates timely so the organization is not left vulnerable.

Single Point of Contact helps companies have the best possible cybersecurity protection based on the structure of their organization. Preventing a cyber attack takes a collective effort from everyone within your organization as well as outside IT security services. Most companies that fail at cybersecurity do so because they don’t have all of their bases covered, even when they think they do. To learn more about how we can help your organization be as secure as possible, contact us at any time.

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