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3 Proactive Cybersecurity Strategies Every Company Should Know

Cyber hackers will try any way they can to compromise a system, no matter what business or industry you’re in. That’s why it’s so critical for companies to have proactive cybersecurity strategies to protect their organization as much as possible. And not only do these strategies help prevent cyber attacks, they should also be designed to minimize the damage done in the event of an attack. A solid disaster recovery plan is one way to achieve this, along with these other proven strategies.

Have A Proven Disaster Recovery Plan

A disaster recovery plan should be extensive, detailed and tested frequently. It doesn’t do any good to have a disaster recovery plan in place if it doesn’t even work when it’s time to put it into action. This plan should not only prevent cyber criminals from being able to access important data, but also allow your employees to continue working while the compromise is getting cleaned up in the background. The most effective disaster recovery plans will minimize downtime, prevent significant damage and maintain your good business reputation.

Comprehensive Cloud Business Solutions

There was a time not too long ago when cloud business solutions weren’t necessarily seen as trustworthy and dependable from a cyber security standpoint. However, those times have changed and cloud business solutions are now widely accepted. This is especially true when companies work with services dedicated to supporting your files in the cloud. Hackers can still find a way to compromise data in the cloud, but working with a dependable cloud solutions service will add another layer of protection.

Have Peace of Mind With 24/7 Computer Support

Cyber criminals work around the clock to try to compromise data. If your IT support team only works during normal business hours, then you’re leaving all of your data at risk of being compromised at all other times of the day and night. One of the most proactive cybersecurity strategies is having 24/7 computer support available to handle any issues that arise. You can utilize these support services however they fit your business needs, but having experts monitoring your network and data around the clock will give you some much needed peace of mind as a business owner.

Single Point of Contact offers comprehensive support and solutions to businesses to protect them from cyber attacks and minimize damage significantly. Our services are extensive and we work with each of our clients to develop proactive strategies to help protect their data as much as possible, whether it’s disaster recovery plans, monitoring services, cloud solutions and more. Being proactive is the best way to prevent or minimize damage done through cyber attacks, so contact us today to see how we can help you develop a strategy.

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