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3 Myths You Shouldn’t Believe About White Label Managed Services
White label managed services

There’s a major difference between outsourcing and offshoring. However, sometimes the two terms get confused to the point where business owners believe they are one in the same. Offshoring is the practice of sending certain aspects of your business to be handled in other countries. Outsourcing involves working with third-party white label managed service providers to essentially be an extension of your in-house IT team. When it comes to white label managed services, you need to know what you’re signing up for, but you should also avoid believing some of the common myths about them. We’ve highlighted the most popular myths here.

Third-Party Services Can’t Be Trusted

Security is a major concern for companies around the world today, and rightfully so. However, one of the main roles of managed network services is to enhance your data security. Your company information will be kept separately from other clients, so there will be no issue from that standpoint. If there are any security concerns with any particular white label managed services, you can guarantee they will be exposed and won’t be in business much longer.

You Must Turn Over Control To The Managed Service

The great thing about white label help desk providers is you can give up as much control as you want and request complete transparency over every aspect you do turn over. The best managed service providers will consult with you to understand your needs completely and offer tailored solutions to meet those needs. While you may want your provider to handle various services, to say you have to be in the dark about what they are handling is not true at all. Transparency and communication are two attributes of the best managed network services, and they will feel like they are part of your team even though they aren’t present in your office.

An In-House IT Staff Is More Cost Effective Than White Label Managed Services

Cost is always a concern with business owners when the thought of outsourcing comes up. It’s easy to think hiring your own staff is cheaper and easier, but when you really look at the big picture, it’s not that straightforward. When you work with white label managed services, you’ll get 24/7 service that’s hard to get with an in-house staff. Skilled professionals who have to constantly be on call will demand a higher salary, but with managed services, it’s all part of the job. Plus, white label managed services is a fixed cost model, no surprises, overtime, vacation pay, sick pay, hidden fees and most important, no middle management costs.

Single Point of Contact is one of the top white label managed service providers because we make it a priority to satisfy each and every one of your needs at the most cost-effective price. We understand there are plenty of myths and misconceptions about third-party services and outsourcing in general, but we are here to alleviate any of those concerns you may have. Don’t hesitate to contact us at any time to schedule a free consultation to learn more about our managed services and why you can trust us.

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