Computer Support for Your Clients 24-7

Whether you’re a small business or a large IT support provider, we can provide custom computer support packages to suit your client’s business needs. Your clients can receive remote support from our experts anytime from anywhere.

Technical Resolution for Mac’s, PC’s, Tablets and Mobile

We can remote into your client’s computer, tablet or mobile device and resolve the problem around the clock. Problems we solve daily; Wi-Fi connectivity, printer, browser issues, business application, and much more.


Security is our main concern for all of your clients networks and computers. Our staff do everything humanly possible to ensure your client’s computer, mobile device and tablets are secure and that best business practices are being implemented.

Computer Optimization

We will increase the speed of your client’s computer with optimization to get the highest productivity while reducing your energy costs. Here are some of the tasks our techs will do while your client is in a meeting or after hours; Disk Defrag, updates/patches, and much more.

Virtual Desktops

If your client wants to keep hardware costs down, they might as well go all the way. Virtual desktops are an excellent way to increase connectivity and security as well as reduce hardware and software costs. Forget about hard drives or firmware updates, virtual desktops just need a monitor, keyboard, mouse, network connection and a team to support it.

Installation and Setup (on-board & off-boarding)

If you lack the expertise to on and off-board a new client. Our team is available to come onsite and manage the entire process. Majority of the on and off-boarding process can be done remotely, but if systems need to be setup onsite, we will need to schedule an onsite tech.


We can help you plan, design and implement the right technology for your client’s office environment. We can help standardize their computer environment and select the right software or cloud service.

US Based Team

Single Point of Contact’s main objective is to offer excellent customer service and technical support. The main reason we have focused on building a team in the United States. Our staff is available 24-7 to resolve all computer and network issues.

A Trusted Security Partner Since 1999

Single Point of Contact is one of the largest comprehensive Managed Security Service Providers in North America. Founded in 1999, we are an extremely skilled team of security professionals, researchers and thought leaders all dedicated to one thing — providing clients with the best technology strategy possible. Each of our information technology consulting specialists is committed to performing research, developing solutions, working with clients to solve specific technology issues and pioneering new approaches to technology.