White Label SOC Services for the Small IT Firm

White Label SOC Services for the Small IT Firm

In today’s world, where everything is becoming online or is shifting to online, one needs to be very aware of everything. With the benefits, people ignore the shortcomings of this online trend. With everything published online, the risk of threats affecting the data and network is HUGE. These threats can range from phishing attacks, malware, […]

Pros and Cons of Managed IT Services

Pros and cons of managed IT services

Managed IT service is a service for small businesses that outsource IT’s management and other related needs. They provide the solution to all of the company’s IT problems and protect the networks. Every business is different from one another, and depending on that, the particular managed IT service can be fruitful or not. Therefore, before appointing any managed […]

Features of White Label Helpdesk Support.

Features of white label helpdesk support. A white label help desk is IT support in which events and user requests are handled under the customer’s brand. White label help desk services are distinguished by swift integration into your operations and a thorough grasp of trusted apps and IT components to keep users happy and improve […]