The Top 3 Benefits of White Label Help Desk Services

white label help desk for small IT firms

When it comes to IT support for small business owners, around-the-clock assistance is a requirement. The last thing you want to happen is to come into work one morning and discover all of your data and files have been compromised and you don’t know what to do next. However, when you work with a 24-hour […]

Is a White Label Partner a Fit for Your IT Support Firm?

White label SOC provider

When you come to a point where you have to decide on whether to enter a white label partnership agreement or not, it means your business is doing well. Having a white label provider as a partner is not an indication that you can’t handle all of the work you have on your own. It […]

The Top Dark Web Monitoring Tools

managed security service provider

It’s a cybercriminal’s full-time job to steal individual and company information. They will then use it to either benefit themselves directly or sell the information on the dark web to other cybercriminals. The sophisticated techniques used to obtain this information are impressive to even the most experienced cybersecurity expert. Having a proactive IT management strategy […]

How to Safeguard Your Business from the Dark Web

managed security service provider

With the number of small businesses that have to close their doors every year, it’s a positive sign when small business owners are taking proactive steps regarding their cybersecurity. While malware and ransomware get all of the headlines, the dark web poses a constant threat that’s difficult to safeguard against. Using dark web monitoring tools […]

Why Dark Web Monitoring is Needed in Your Business

managed security service provider

Most of the time you’re not going to walk into your office one morning and discover your network has been compromised due to the dark web. Ransomware and malware attacks are different in that sense because they directly threaten your organization. However, it doesn’t mean you should completely neglect dark web monitoring. You never truly […]

How to Keep Your Network Secure

managed security services

It’s always better to have the mindset of thinking your organization is always vulnerable to being attacked, rather than thinking cybercriminals won’t waste their time on you. Cybercriminals target small companies more than large companies simply because they are more vulnerable. Any network security flaw in your system could be just enough of a hole […]

The Top IT Services Your Small Business Should Be Utilizing

it security services

Cybersecurity is more complex than ever before, so having the right IT security services in place is essential. For small business owners, this usually means hiring a managed security service provider to ensure all aspects of IT security are covered and there are no holes for hackers to gain entry. With ransomware and malware attacks […]